The Mobile Apps That You Should Have 1

The Mobile Apps That You Should Have!

Not a single smartphone, even the most powerful one, can fully reach its potential without the applications installed on it. After all, all that a mobile device can do without them is to make calls, write and receive SMS, take photos and videos

By installing useful applications, the smartphone user gets almost limitless possibilities. Working with files, processing and viewing multimedia, games, surfing the Web, ordering taxis and food, booking tickets, planning travel, learning languages – perhaps there is no such task that could not be solved with the help of one or another applet.

Below you can find a list that we have put of the most useful apps on the market now that we think will allow benefit you and become a necessity on your phone:

1. Snapseed (Android, iOS)

Snapseed is a logical and easy-to-learn photo editor owned by Google. The program will help you quickly edit the photo by cropping it and applying a filter or sharpening. The “serious” tools of the program (for example, color correction) are adjacent to the simple ones – the effects of making the photo look older, “adding” scratches and frames. The original image can be immediately compared with what happened.

Snapseed allows you to work with both JPG-files and DNG formats without the loss of quality. The Brush tool is used to study individual areas of the image, and the Correction was created to adjust the exposure and color automatically. You can also rotate the photo at any angle, add vignetting, grain, vintage, noir, frames, and other effects. The finished picture can be immediately sent to social networks.

2. Google Photos (Android, iOS)

The Mobile Apps That You Should Have - Google photo

Google Photos is a standalone application of the Internet search engine that is separate from the Google+ social network. Its main advantage is that users are provided with unlimited storage capacity for images – but only if their maximum resolution does not exceed 16 megapixels (for video – Full HD), though

In Google Photos, there is no need to create albums, tag photos with tags – the computer vision technology will do everything on its own. The user will be able to find any photograph that interests them by simply entering a search query – for example, “pizza” will display all the pictures with this dish, and “Vienna” will show you all the photographs taken in this city.

3.Phonograph (Android)

Phonograph (formerly known as Gramophone) is a simple, minimalistic and very beautiful Android player. Recognizing the track, the program automatically uploads data about the artists, including their photos, album covers, and biography.

There is an equalizer widget, a “sleep timer” that disables the program after a specified period of time, the ability to make playlists, a widget for the Android home screen, as well as the chance for you to edit tags. Phonograph also has a “scrobbling” feature that marks music as listened to at Last.fm to improve personal recommendations.

4. Flychat (Android)

The Mobile Apps That You Should Have - Flychat

The Flychat aggregator allows you to read messages without leaving the currently used program from any messengers, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Slack. The application notifies you of an incoming message with a pop-up bubble right on the home screen. By clicking on it, you can immediately write the answer. A clear drawback of Flychat is banner advertising, which, however, can be disabled by using the in-app purchase

With the development of smart phones and app popularity growing continuously growing, new and exciting apps are being created every day to meet with demand. This list is just a snapshot of what we believe to be worthwhile apps now, and we look forward to seeing what the future will bring to the app market!