When it comes to dating, the setting is everything. If you don’t take the person that you are dating to luxurious and romantic places then you might not be able to forge a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people have absolutely no idea how important the setting is and instead take their dates to places like fast-food restaurants.

So that you get the results that you want from your dates, you need to be very selective about the places that you go out.

This post will tell you about the most luxurious and romantic places you can go on a date.

Finding Dates

Before moving on to where you can go on a date, let’s first cover how you can meet people interested in dating you. One of the most challenging parts for many people is finding people to actually date, not finding places to take their dates. Online dating sites are definitely the best place to meet people in today’s world. However, you need to find the best dating sites for serious relationships, because some dating sites are centred more around hook-ups than long-term relationships. If you use a hook-up site then you might struggle to find somebody to actually start a relationship that’s not based around sex.

Luxury Restaurants

Once you have found somebody to go on a date with, it’s always a good idea to take them out to a luxury restaurant. After all, who doesn’t like luxury restaurants? The only downside to luxury restaurants is that they can be very expensive. If you have a credit card then it’s probably worth paying with that, since it will enable you to pay more than you can afford to, and then repay your credit card company monthly in more affordable instalments.

Exclusive Spas

Spas aren’t the first place that many people think of taking their dates, but they can be a great idea. However, because spas don’t allow for much conversation and are more of a therapeutic experience, they aren’t the best place to take your date on your first date. Instead, once you have known them for a while, you can take them to a spa. For your first date, you should take them to a restaurant. The subsequent date locations that will be mentioned here are also ideal for a second or third date, but not the first.

Attending Operas

Attending an opera is an experience that everybody should have once in their lives. Unfortunately, a lot of people have no interest in it because they think that it’s pompous or boring—but many of these people don’t actually give it any time or even try to understand it. The opera can be expensive, but it is definitely worth it. The opera can be a magical experience. You might be able to save money on opera tickets by booking them long in advance. The further away the opera’s date, the less you are likely to pay.

Live-music Bars

Live-music bars are a very effective way of entertaining your date. A lot of people take their dates to live-music bars the first time that they meet, but this isn’t always the best idea because it can be hard to hear each other talk. When you meet somebody for a date for the first time, you need to get to know each other. When there’s music being performed in the background, there’s absolutely no way that you are going to be able to focus on what your date’s saying.

Going Abroad

If you really want to impress your date, then why not take them abroad on a quick vacation? There’s nowhere more romantic than Rome, Italy’s capital. If you are based in Europe, then you can probably get a flight to and from Rome on the same day. You could take your date to Rome for a romantic dinner or just to explore. Again, it’s probably a good idea to get to know your date first, since it’s very unlikely that they will want to accompany you to another country if they don’t know you. Paris, London, Milan, and Venice are also romantic cities you can take your date.

Botanical Gardens

A botanical garden is a fantastic place to take your date. A lot of people overlook botanical gardens and view them as more of a family experience. Taking your date to a botanical garden is a good idea because not only will you both have the opportunity to talk to each other and get to know each other, but you will also both be able to enjoy each other’s beauty and the beauty of the flowers and plants around you. A botanic garden is a better place to visit in the summer when the flowers are out and in bloom.

Live Poetry

A live poetry performance could be a good place to take your date if you are both interested in poetry. A live poetry hall is a lot like a live music performance, except there isn’t much tolerance for people who talk. People go to live poetry halls to listen to what the performers are saying. Because of this,  it is not acceptable for you to sit talking to your date. For this reason, you should only ever take your date to a live poetry hall once you already know them and have gotten to know them. A poetry performance isn’t suitable for a first date, because of all of this. 

Their Interests

Once you know your date well and have taken them out a few times, you could consider taking them out to do something that they are interested in. If your date is interested in any sports or has any particular hobbies that they are very passionate about, then you could suggest going and trying these things out. Make sure that if you are going to do this that you take their interests very seriously and don’t criticise them if they don’t work for you. Critiquing another person’s hobbies can be a sure fire way to make them dislike you.

Dating isn’t easy. If you are planning on taking somebody out on a date, then you need to make sure that you take them somewhere romantic. All of the places listed here are great suggestions. Romance is subjective though, so if you and your date aren’t very traditional people, then by all means do whatever you find romantic. As long as the romance is there, it doesn’t matter what you do.