If you have never been to Monaco, you will be surprised at the luxury living you will find on its streets, but also in its hotels, restaurants and casinos. From the moment you drop your bag in the hotel lobby, to the moment that you leave, you will benefit from a comfort that you will miss immediately on your way out. But the nice thing is that the doors are always opened in Monaco, so you can come back any time you want.

A Hotel for Everyone’s Desires

When you stay at one of the different hotels in Monaco, you won’t have to go far to benefit from all that the city has to offer. That is because it can be found right inside each of them, or nearby. For example. If you decide to stay at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, you will be staying on Place du Casino, which means that you will only have to walk a few steps, to enter into the most famous casino in the world: The Casino de Monte-Carlo. There, you can play as long as you want, in an elegant environment, which has been featured in many films, throughout the last century.

But you don’t even have to leave the hotel space, in order to find all you need. There is a casino inside, as well. It is famous for the variety and quantity of slot machines that it offers its clientele. But that should wait till after dinner. Who would want to miss feasting in a three Michelin stars restaurant? That is what you will find, when you walk through the doors of Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris. You will taste Mediterranean food like you could not imagine existed. If you prefer to sit in front of the sea, on a panoramic terrace, you can decide to visit the restaurant Le Grill, which also has one Michelin star to its name.

And this offer is true for all the hotels. The Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo also features a Michelin starred restaurant called Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, a restaurant by Yannick Alléno. There, guests savour the very best fresh seasonal products from local producers, in a chic and intimate atmosphere. It is a continuity of the elegance of the whole structure of the hotel. Even though it is modern, the refinement of the architecture will leave you breathless, as it took its inspiration from the belle époque. There is nothing like having a drink at the Crystal Bar before or after dinner. Fine champagne and creative cocktails will fill your nights with pleasure.

Not everyone likes to sit around and enjoy beauty. Others also prefer to be more active. That is why the casual chic of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel Resort is so popular amongst a certain crowd of Monaco visitors. One of the main reasons has to be the spa Cinq Mondes, where they can go through sessions of wellness to recharge their batteries, before heading out onto the hotel’s beach, to enjoy the sun of the French Riviera. The whole setting of the hotel is pure paradise, with 4 hectares of gardens in which architects took the time to add waterfalls as well as a turquoise sandy-bottom lagoon, that looks like an oasis. Once again, the hotel is completed by a Michelin-starred restaurant called The Blue Bay and ran by Chef Marcel Ravin. It serves a mix of Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine, which is bold and innovative.

If you want to live the full beach lifestyle, you will now have to wait till April 2023, as the Monte-Carlo Beach is currently in pause. This is the place where athletes and those who simply like to stay in shape, reside at, when in Monaco. It is due, in great parts, to its Olympic-sized pool, where they can swim to their heart’s content. They can also eat 100% organic food at the Elsa as well as wild caught fish.

It is also where people come to relax under the sun as they can choose between a solarium, tents, cabins or bungalows, to do so. When they get bored, they head onto the water to practice their favourite sports: parasailing, tubing, boating and so much more. The fun never ends a the Monte-Carlo Beach.

Shopping at Its Finest

A Luxury stay would not be complete without a little quality shopping. That is why Monaco offers its visitors over forty luxurious brands to choose from, known all over the world, at the Monte-Carlo shopping promenade. You can start your shopping tour, right in front of the Casino de Monte-Carlo. From there, you can continue your shopping spree past the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo and on down the Avenue de Monte-Carlo and François Blanc. You will find everything from ready to wear clothes for men and women, to watches, accessories and shoes as well. You will be so happy to get back to your room in the evening, to try out everything you just bought, before going down for dinner at the starred restaurant of your choice.