The indoor plant scene on Instagram has boomed over the last couple of years. Plant Instagrammers are now a thriving subset of social media influencers, and cultivating your very own ‘jungalow’ is now more popular than ever. This can get expensive and will be as costly or as extravagant as your space allows. Hanging plants from the ceiling, coupled with water features and study marble pots can help to create a luxury aesthetic that is unrivalled, but most importantly, unique to you. 

To create such a space, however, you need to know what’s popular and what plants you need in your home. Recent research from online luxury gardening store, Internet Gardener, revealed the top 10 indoor plant species according to thousands of Instagram posts. The following unveils which plants you need to look out for alongside some Instagram inspiration for your next enviable interior photographs.

10. Rubber Plant

The Ficus Elastica is a popular plant because it is so easy to look after. If you’re not so green fingered, this could be a good start to get your indoor plant jungle started. Prices can vary depending upon size, with smaller ones being available in local supermarkets at £10, but you can order online for larger variants which may also be more colourful and this can be anywhere over £100.

9. String of Pearls

The first of our hanging plants in this list, the Senecio Rowleyanus is often at it’s best when in a hanging basket with a white interior theme. The basket becomes a focal point, especially when there’s multiple hanging from the ceiling and it truly becomes a unique point of interest. They’re relatively inexpensive to purchase. However, if you accessories with transparent glass planters and thick rope the quality, aesthetic and costs will rise.

8. String of Hearts

Whilst similar to the String of Pearls, the hearts are naturally more popular due to their appealing shape. Often seen in delicate wooden and ceramic pots like the one pictured, they’re popular for windowsills and shelves alike. These look their best when left to grow wild and spread along walls to create a unique backdrop, perfect for any interior photography or showing friends around.

7. False Shamrock

It’s not hard to see why this is one of the most popular indoor plants for Instagram, the colour is encapsulating and its shape is unlike the greenery most people keep in their homes. You may have to use specialist online stores or florists to acquire these in good condition. If you are having one of these in your home, remember they are toxic to cats and dogs so need to be high out of reach or reconsidered.

6. Hedge Catcus

Cacti are massively popular and affordable for most people looking to spruce up their interiors with an indoor plant or two. For that reason, it’s not surprising it features on a top 10 using Instagram data. They’re easy to look after and can grow surprisingly large. Dependent upon the plant, they bloom bright flowers which add a uniqueness to them and will suit any modern interior design.

5. Boston Fern

Whilst we’ve seen hanging plants already, the Boston Fern is one that looks wildly better when placed at height. Its leaves spread out over a huge surface area so if you’re considering this green beauty, be sure to place it somewhere with a lot of room, space and light. They look their best when paired with a contrasting pot, just make sure it’s not too heavy if you’re hanging this on a rope or placing it on a high shelf.

4. Devil’s Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy is a statement piece when placed in the corner of a well-lit room. Its vines will creep down the wall and the bright green leaves are captivating. This is, however, another plant that is perfect for social media, but not healthy for cats and dogs. This plant is not too expensive at around £15-£25 either, so you can splash out on a luxury pot or hanging mechanism.

3. Chinese Money Plant

Just making it into the top 3, the Pilea Peperomioides is also the plant that statistically brings in the highest total of likes per post at an average of 2,001. Dependent upon size and quality, these can range from £15 to £35 but should all have the signature leaf shape which has made it so popular. Due to its smaller leaves, it pairs perfectly with statement interior pots with bold colours and patterns.

2. Princess-Blue

Whilst most people know succulents are popular, the colourful Princess Blue Echeveria came in at number 2 in the Instagram analysis. The blue-purple hue that makes this succulent so popular is perfect for social media as the colours can pop with a little bit of photo editing. These plants are best enjoyed in large groups as you can see in the Instagram shot here.

1. Swiss Cheese Plant

The Monstera Deliciosa took the top spot and featured the most in Instagram’s top indoor plant posts, making it the most popular plant for interiors in 2019. Its huge leaves make it an ideal plant to take up a corner of a room or stand pride of place on a small cabinet. Larger variants of this plant can range up to £50, with smaller options starting at around £15. These are not as simple to care for as cacti but also do not require constant attention either making them a good plant for even novice jungalow creators 

Andy Baxter, gardening expert at Internet Gardener