My Coach School gives members access to the most extensive workout and knowledge-based video library in the world 

My Coach School, a newly launch online health and fitness platform, is celebrating reaching 10,000 members since its launch three months ago.

Ben Haldon and Lucy Davis

My Coach School is an online training academy which allows users to watch hundreds of workouts, recipes, and coaching tutorials to help them to achieve their personal fitness goals. Members of the school have access to the most extensive workout and knowledge-based video library in the world, including at home and gym based workouts, tailored to both men and women, for just £15 per month.

Ben Haldon and Lucy Davis, the fitness power couple behind the school, launched the platform to help educate people on how to lose weight safely, without relying on faddy crash diets, and to help people to understand their bodies from a nutritional perspective.

Director and Head Coach Ben said: “Health and fitness is something I’m extremely passionate about. We feel that we have this amazing opportunity to help so many people to realise their fitness ambitions, and I’m overwhelmed that we’ve hit 10,000 members in such a short time – it just goes to show how many people are keen to learn how to live well.

“Exercising and eating healthy, nutritious meals can have a huge impact on the body physically, but Lucy and I have also seen the positive changes exercise can have on someone’s mental health. We’re truly committed to using My Coach School as a platform for people who may be struggling in many aspects of their lives.

“The school also has a really active Facebook page, where members support each other, share their experiences, and make friends. It’s this community feel that we feel so proud of as we can see how the school is bringing people together, and having such a positive impact on so many members.”

As part of their membership users are also able to take part in eight-week challenges, in order to track their progress through the school, and be in with the chance of winning a holiday at the end of the programme. Enrolment for the next challenge opens on May 6th.

My Coach School has huge ambitions for business growth, aiming to hit 200,000 members by the end of year one.

Ben Haldon

Ben studied Criminology at University before becoming a police officer with Cheshire Constabulary. During his years with the police force, Ben qualified as a personal trainer before leaving the uniform behind to work in fitness full-time

Lucy Davis
Lucy Ebook-1

Lucy is a qualified personal trainer and fitness influencer, with more 220,000 followers on her Instagram page @LucyDavisFit and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Having swam internationally from an early age, Lucy retired from competitive swimming in 2015 before graduating from Manchester University with a First Class Honours Degree in Management, Leadership and Leisure.