A bottle of Martin Miller's Winterful Gin with a gin bubble glass next to it. There is oranges growing from branches in the top right corner, a brown leather chair in the middle left side, and an aura of mystery in the foggy background

Gin has become a very popular drink in recent years and is the perfect beverage for every occasion, from a casual drink at home to a showstopper cocktail at parties. The versatility of the spirit and the added flavours means any number of combinations can be made from the humble tipple.

With so many varieties available, how do you choose which one will be your go-to for the festive season this year? Martin Miller’s has the answer!

Since 1999, Martin Miller’s has been creating gin, and for the last 15 years has been widely recognised as the world’s first “super premium gin”, winning awards for their excellence. The title of “super premium” is given to the gin based on its traditional method of distillery, and also its desirability in the gin market. Truly an iconic brand to have on your bar shelf. With five premium gin varieties offered by the brand, Martin Miller’s can be enjoyed at any occasion. The newest addition to its roster is the Winterful Gin.


Inspired by the ingredients used in homemade mulled wines, this gin can be enjoyed hot or cold, and has a wonderful blend of mandarin and cinnamon flavours. The flavour profile can be broken down by the nose, palate, and finish.


Intense mandarin flavour with a warm and complex background and notes of cinnamon.


The first taste is cinnamon: sweet on the tip of the tongue. After that the spicy and sweet notes from cardamom start to appear.


The long aftertaste clearly delivers the mandarin: refreshing citrus balanced with the complexity of spices.


Here are some recipes to help you on your mixology journey:

Recipe 1 – Mulled Cranberry (served hot)


  • Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin: 50ml
  • Red wine: 125ml
  • Simple syrup or honey
  • Juice of One lemon or orange per serving
  • Licor 43: 50ml
  • Garnish to taste: cinnamon stick & orange wedge


For a punch format pour ingredients multiplied by the number of servings, into a saucepan. Don’t boil. Bring to simmer and reduce to desired taste and concentration.


Recipe 2 – G&T (served over ice)


  • Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin: 50ml
  • Spiced tonic: 200ml
  • Optional garnish to taste: cinnamon stick or orange wheel


Gently pour your gin measure into a highball glass over ice. Top up with your tonic and add the suggested garnish to taste. Sip and enjoy!


Recipe 3 – Gin Flip (shaken over ice)


  • Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin: 50ml
  • Ginger syrup: 20ml
  • Double cream: 12.5ml
  • On egg
  • Garnish to taste: Grated nutmeg & cinnamon


Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake well until condensation appears on the outside. Strain into a coupe glass and add garnish to taste.


We hope these three recipes inspired you to get mixing and try something new. With the festive season approaching, now is a great time to enjoy Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin, especially before Dry January starts! Chin-chin!

Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin is available to buy from Waitrose for £27.99.