Most people have the same assumptions when it comes to luxury travel. Of course, it’s easy to assume that all expensive voyages will be identical in quality. However, not all high-end travel experiences are the same.

For example, the private jet and chartered yacht, while both full of extravagance, do offer different benefits. Still, the private jet is overwhelmingly the preferred choice, with quick chartering services available too. However, this is largely down to the sheer speed and convenience of their travel. That said, none of this makes the chartered yacht obsolete.

Consequently, let’s further examine the perks behind these two luxury forms of travel.

More Accessible?
The yacht certainly goes the extra mile to accommodate your needs. You can plan meals in advance with your chosen ship’s chef if you have specific requirements, and even let them know what kind of journey you’d like to undertake; private and intimate with select guests, or extravagant and adventurous with an entire posse in tow. The price fluctuates depending on how busy things get for you, which is fair!

That said, the private jet experience now comes with more flexible pricing. Many have now begun to realise that private jets are becoming more popular, and it’s largely down to the affordability factor. Passengers can utilise services such as empty legs flight schemes, which are discounted journeys for one-way trips when the jet needs to restock and refuel. It’s less pricey than the yacht, but if you’re crafty and cunning, it can be an experience that’s just as luxurious.

Quicker Transport?
When it comes to the private jet, passengers can expect no queues when boarding their plane, and minimal exterior influences to disrupt their journey save perhaps the odd bit of turbulence. The experience is truly private, locked down, quiet, and the perfect setting to get some undisturbed rest or even some work done. In the end, on the private jet you can bounce from one city to another in but a few hours.

However, the whole experience is designed to be somewhat rushed, with less time to savour the splendour depending on the length of the journey you’re making. Of course, depending on what kind of traveller you are, this can either work for your favour or against what you enjoy most. The yacht is a lot slower when traversing the seas, but then again, there’s a lot more time to simply enjoy the trip.

Your Own Schedule
What the yacht loses in timely travel, it more than makes up for on the enjoyment factor. For all the fun a private jet affords, it can still be quite a linear experience. After all, jets are great, but they’re better suited for the convenience factor due to the high speeds they can reach when soaring through the skies. It’s quicker and more direct, but also more isolated in kind in that you obviously can’t open up the doors and explore what’s outside.

However, the yacht enables you to interact with everything around you. After skipping any queues and earning your place on board your chosen vessel, a whole host of possibilities arise; you can plan your own trips, set your own itinerary, and even choose what places to visit; whether they’re cities or remote beaches. You could even take some equipment and go scuba diving, jet skiing and surfing, interacting with what’s around you. Therefore, the private yacht can be seen as a more engaging experience.