Designer Studio

As the Doha-based creative office of Designer Studio adds the title of Qatar’s Most Outstanding Interior Design Studio, 2021 at LUXlife’s Leaders in Luxury Awards to its already plentiful roster of accolades, we take a closer look at the keys to its success. From its skilful harmonisation of innovation and timelessness to its respectful yet flirtatious homages to local traditions, this is an interior design studio that is proudly unlike any other.

An award-winning creative office of Doha, Designer Studio is a leading specialist in the design and creation of luxury hospitality and residential interiors that incorporate timeless elegance and sophisticated extravagance. Designer Studio offers a comprehensive range of services, working with clients to deliver spaces that perfectly encapsulate the upscale nature of its inhabitants through a fine eye for details and a commitment to sourcing only the very best materials.

While the final products of Designer Studio’s work are always timeless in design, they are always far from traditional. “It is our intent to divert from the norm in regional expectations in design and set a new benchmark that mirrors that of international standards.” By freeing itself from the restraints of what classical interior design ‘should’ look like and instead embracing a homogenous mix of international values and styles, Designer Studio is redefining the norm to create perfect spaces for its clients.

Indeed, the client is at the very centre of the Designer Studio process. The ‘Confident Client’, as the team at Designer Studio calls them, offers their ideas as the foundation of any project. The idea may be very abstract in its infancy but, with the support of the multi-award-winning studio, soon evolves into a ‘beautiful array of material palettes, fabrics, and colours’.

To that end, it is of paramount importance to the design team that they build trusting and communicative relationships with each of their clients. This enables the designer and the client to collaborate on each stage of the project – from the concept to the design all the way to the finishing stylistic elements of artwork, soft furnishings, and accessories – to create a space that does not just meet the expectations of the client, but far surpasses all their creative visions. The wants of the client are combined with their personal histories, the histories of the space and inspiration born from music, architecture, and art to create truly outstanding interior design.

The spectacular appeal of a Designer Studio project must also be paired with functionality in spaces that are highly luxurious but also highly liveable. For residential spaces, aesthetics, functionality and personality must exist in equilibrium to create a dream home that suits the lifestyle of its owners. Meanwhile, within the hospitality sector, Designer Studio strives to deliver design destinations for service-oriented projects such as hotels, spas, restaurants, and lounges, all with signature quality design that meets internationally recognised standards. Working side by side with its clients on commercial projects, the studio focuses on achieving the best design to accentuate the brand image of the client, complete with the most operationally viable solutions.

Bespoke Solutions are, after all, just one of the fundamental values that drive Designer Studio. From crafting bespoke joinery items to fit in with unique architectural structures to sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that speak to the client, Designer Studio goes above and beyond to ensure each design is unlike any other, relying on some of the best of the world’s suppliers to make even the most unimaginable design concepts come to fruition. Moreover, the studio proudly states that, “we love to juxtapose various materials and often rely on natural products such as marble and wood to create an opulent design solution that will last.” The result is a modern and innovative yet timeless space that never goes out of style.

Achieving such high standards of excellence is made possible through the second of Designer Studio’s core values: Quality in Detail. It is only through an appreciation of the architectural details of a space and the careful selection of the finishing touches that a design is truly enhanced, which is why the team at Designer Studio often work with clients from the beginning to the end of a project, including during the construction phase. This ensures that the client has someone to verify that optimum quality is being maintained in every step, laying the groundwork for the flourishes in fabrics, marbles, wood, fixtures, styling and artwork that truly take a space from functional to sensational.

The third and final of Designer Studio’s values is Dynamic Collaboration, applicable not only to the partnerships that the design team forms with clients – both commercial and homeowners – but also to the collaboration it seeks to create between the architectural vernacular and geographical locations. Although unrestrained by the traditions of the locality of each project, Designer Studio does strive to complement its surroundings in a way that ensures the project, like the environment it exists in, evolves over time.

As such, Designer Studio keeps an eye on shifting trends in the world of interior design but uses them as inspiration for designs that are truly timeless. For example, while the interior industry of Qatar is constantly moving and developing, Designer Studio has identified the majlis as a consistent feature of design, adored for its centuries-old beauty and its symbol of the union of families and friends under a single roof. Traditionally a very basic structure conceived in the pre-oil discovery era, the modern majlis of today offer the perfect blend of functionality, comfort and luxury, still boasting the authentic materials and intricate details that make it almost worthy of the title of a masterpiece, but with features like modular sofas, marble tables and other exclusive furniture brands that make the majlis a very liveable structure too.

The majlis has made its appearance in Designer Studio’s rich portfolio of projects in the past, which also features a myriad of other spectacular design elements. From the 500-year-old Terrazzo flooring of a beachside holiday villa to a magnificent, floral-inspired chandelier that is the focal point of an exquisite dining room, Designer Studio’s creative flair knows no bounds.

It is for that reason that Designer Studio has become a highly esteemed name in the sphere of interior design, not just in Qatar, but across the globe, and has been celebrated by a roster of accolades and awards. Winner at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020 and named among Architectural Digest’s 50 Top Design Talents of the Middle East, Designer Studio is this year able to celebrate its recognition as Qatar’s Most Outstanding Interior Design Studio, 2021 at LUXlife’s Leaders in Luxury Awards. The momentum of these successes combined with the studio’s ever-present desire for innovation and creativity of design ensures that the best is still yet to come for this leading light in the design industry of Qatar.

For more information, please contact Jennie Liezl Gonzales or visit www.designer-studio.com