In 2005, Sally Morgan was tested by Professor Gary Schwartz, a Harvard University PhD graduate. After the experiment he regarded her as one of the best mediums that he had ever tested and even rated her as one of the ‘top 5 best psychics in the world’.

Sally Morgan, known as Psychic Sally to most, can recall walking under an ironing board when she was a toddler, reaching up to touch the hot iron and feeling a hand smack her hand away. Nobody else was there, and Sally believes this is one of her earliest psychic memories.

Sally was just four years old when she first saw spirit. She would give a psychic reading to friends for fun at a very young age and at around eleven years of age, her psychic senses grew stronger, and Sally realised she knew things about people that other people didn’t know. At the tender age of just thirteen, she had her first experience at a Spiritualist Church. 

In her twenties, Sally started giving professional psychic readings, guiding clients through spirit and building a regular clientele. Her work as a psychic medium became full-time in her thirties and her career progressed over the years from readings at a home practise, to having articles in magazines and newspapers.

Her appearances on daytime TV increased, then she had a hit TV series ‘Star Psychic’ aired on ITV which brought Sally her overnight success. This made her a household name and enabled her to tour the country with her one woman show ‘Sally Morgan on the Road’, another major hit TV success. To this day, Sally continues to sell out theatres across the country and has also had six books published.

Sally took her Show to Australia which increased her international presence, proving to sell out theatres and build her name overseas. She was also in the final of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, coming in at 5th Place and won a Halloween special ‘Celebrity Come Dine with Me’. Her first 2 books ‘My Psychic Life’ and ‘Life after Death’ were both Sunday Times bestsellers.

To this day, Sally continues to tour the UK with her one woman show and during her downtime, she offers one-to-one psychic readings and Zoom readings whenever she can. In the last year, she has launched her own podcast called ‘That’s Afterlife with Sally Morgan’ and is a regular guest on other podcasts. 

Sally is incredibly active on social media, regularly carrying out live videos on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. The commitment to her work has brought her an ever-increasing large following. She continues to make TV appearances with her recent invitations to GB News , Loose Women, Most Haunted and Celebrity Hunted to name a few. 

A large part of Sally Morgan’s life is her tour, appearing in large venues to audiences where she passes on messages from spirit with every venue often sold out. Although Sally is known as “Psychic Sally” giving psychic readings, she classes herself as a medium. A medium is someone who connects with spirit, so her readings are more about passing on messages from spirit or loved ones who have passed. When Sally is giving a reading to someone, she does not use any cards or props or tools. She works well with photographs and can pick energy up from a photograph of the person that has passed, or a photo of someone you want to talk about in the reading. 

Sally Morgan claims that she is not a fortune teller! However, she can sometimes give psychic reading to see what is ahead and what direction your life may be going in.