Earrings are unique jewellery. They are great for a number of tasks, including helping to successfully complete a look; they can be a successful accent or part of your look. Below, we offer a selection inspired by the red carpet. Read, compare, and choose the perfect piece for you.

The choice of earrings is not an easy one. But if you choose the right shape once, it will be quite easy for you to create unique everyday looks. Let’s take a look at a model that has once again become a designer’s favourite, FJewellery‘s Silver Hoop Earrings. Please note that on this site you can find jewellery not only in this inexpensive material but also in white gold. Such models at different times were preferred by Rihanna, Twiggy, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, and many other divas. Photos of these ladies can be found on the Internet.

Below we offer you the best models that will be your salvation in 2023:

1. Simple hoop earrings without decorations of medium diameter. These are a real find! They are ideal in every way: they are not too heavy, not too light, and not too garish, they are simple and elegant, and they will assist you in creating a light casual and business look. A lifesaver in any situation.

2. Create your own exclusive ring set. Such jewellery is perfect in many ways, and if you like this shape, we recommend looking at sets of such jewellery. In such a setting, there can be something very simple, something with decoration, and something provocative with gemstones. Believe me, each of these variations will find itself in your look.

3. Playing to the maximum. If you want to look flamboyant, look for very large, thin rings, with the largest diameter you can afford. This year, the earrings are semi-polar, sagging down to your shoulders or even below. They are essentially basic pieces of jewellery, like a pair of diamond earrings, if you will. They look great with both classic and extra-modern looks.

4. Pearls are everywhere. This is the best choice if you want to update your accessories. Choose pearl-embellished rings (classic or baroque) that will be the perfect addition to your business, casual, or holiday look. Pearls look great in silver or black, with silver pearls being a great pairing for silver rings.

5. Huggie. Small and impeccably stylish. You can choose and buy them if you don’t like to spend much time in front of the mirror or if you are going on a trip. They look great regardless of the design: they can be simple silver earrings or they can be embellished with precious stones or diamonds.

6. Thick rings. Unfortunately, they don’t suit everyone. But if they suit you, it’s just carte blanche. Large and lightweight, they look cute in a business outfit, suitable for creating a stylish casual look.

7. Ethnic style. They look nice and won us over with their decor. They look original and very oriental. They retain the shape of a ring, but they are actually a plate that looks like it has just been chipped on an anvil by a craftsman. The slight casualness, however, will look extremely stylish combined with a casual look.

8. Half hoops are also presented in the catalog. They will also be popular in the new season. They can be neat and stylish with or without decorations. If you add a line of small-diameter diamonds to such a model, it will become a real luxury. The price for such a model, of course, will be higher than for earrings-semi-rings without decorations.

Don’t forget that when choosing your perfect piece for next year, focus primarily on the shapes and shades of materials that suit you. Act within the usual concepts when choosing jewellery from the FJewellery assortment, and you are sure to attract attention. On the website, you will find photos, descriptions, and prices for each model.