Boat proposal

The open ocean is glistening with proposal venue potential. With those seeking to pop the question spoilt for choice on romantic backdrops and sunset-gazing opportunities. 

To make sure everything is smooth sailing, prep is required to plan such a unique display of affection. That’s why the proposal experts at Austen & Blake have teamed up with SuperYachtsMonaco to reveal the ultimate expert tips on boat proposals. 

First up, Paulina Steitz, former yachty and Sales Assistant at SuperYachtsMonaco comments: 

Safety first, proposals second 

“It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a proposal, but you should always listen carefully to the safety briefing given by the crew once onboard any vessel. Being aware of your surroundings and actively taking in advice from the crew throughout your journey will ensure that you both feel comfortable and at ease when it comes to popping the big question. 

“It’s also extremely important to familiarise yourself with muster stations and where life rafts and life jackets are located. From there onwards, I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to the captain and crew, as they are extremely well-trained on how to act if an emergency situation arises.

“If you’re renting a boat, It’s paramount that you check that all of the safety equipment needed can be easily located and you’re familiar with the boat’s layout before you head out.” 

Think about the perfect setting 

“You will want to think about what type of boat would suit you and your partner. Whether it’s a luxurious yacht, a canoe, or a charming sailboat – think about your vision for the proposal. 

“If you’re setting sail on a larger boat such as a yacht for the special occasion, inform the crew so they can be in on the surprise. Crew members can often help with any flower arrangements, food requests, accessories, and music if requested. They will be key to making it an unforgettable experience and are on hand to cater to you and guests, should you wish to invite friends and family members.”

James Harris, Regional Sales Manager at Austen & Blake says, “no matter what type of boat you choose, you should look to create a romantic ambiance.”

“Decorate the boat with flowers, candles, and fairy lights – and be sure to choose a scenic location. The open sea, serene lakes, and secluded coves will only enhance the fairytale feel of the moment. You may also wish to step off board if you’ve found the perfect beach location for a proposal picnic too!

“Each proposal is unique and you should incorporate personal touches that reflect your relationship too. Whether playing your favourite song, reciting a heartfelt poem, or sharing a special memory, infuse elements that hold significance to both of you.” 

Avoid seasickness at all costs 

Paulina of SuperYachtsMonaco says, “Seasickness is not a lasting memory you want to take with you from your special day. If you come across confused seas where the direction of swell and the timings are off, motion sickness is much more likely. 

“There are things you can do to prevent motion sickness or control it. Avoid sitting on your phone in your cabin with little to no porthole view. The ideal place to avoid seasickness is on the bridge with a horizon view, preferably on comfortable seats. In general, if the seasickness is becoming too much, then getting some fresh air outside helps a lot too. It can help to be away from others – many people claim it can become contagious to watch someone else experiencing motion sickness!

“A couple of remedies that I wasn’t aware of before yachting are anti-nausea wristbands and ginger. Plenty of crew come prepared with ginger, whether chewable or in the form of teabags if they are prone to motion sickness. But for me personally, the only thing that truly conquers it is taking in the fresh air and focusing on looking at the horizon.”

Plan ahead 

“It goes without saying that calm, blue skies are the ideal environment for picturesque proposals on any boat type. Be sure to plan ahead and think about timings – especially if you want to catch the sunset or sunrise for the romantic occasion.”

James of Austen & Blake also claims that there are a couple of other things to plan for alongside weather conditions that are just as important. 

He says, “you should preserve the magic of the proposal by capturing it on camera. Arrange for a photographer to discreetly document the special moment or set up a tripod with a camera remote for a DIY photoshoot. Alternatively, consider hiring a drone operator to capture aerial footage of the proposal from above, adding an extra layer of grandeur to the occasion.”

James adds that “the last thing to think about is transporting the ring. You should secure the ring in a waterproof container to keep it safe during the proposal. Protect your ring from the elements and keep the day stress-free.”

A boat proposal offers a dreamy and romantic setting to ask one of life’s most important questions. By following these in-depth tips, you can ensure that your proposal at sea is not just memorable, but that it’s also safe and seamless.