Make Up

Celebrity makeup artists Sarah Amelia Fogg and Selina Bassi discuss the upcoming makeup trends, everything from the controversial skinny brows and the Wednesday Addams grunge look to adopting barefaced beauty for the year ahead.


Barefaced beauty:

“While 2022 saw the rise of experimental makeup looks and daring trends, it also championed the stripped-back, no-makeup makeup look. In 2023, we’ll take a step back and let our skin breathe with the help of lighter formulations and products. Hailey Bieber was the queen of barefaced beauty last year by showcasing her natural glow and complexion across her social media. In the past, we’ve been incredibly hung up on full-coverage, heavy makeup looks to hide our skin and create a brand new face. However we are now starting to see the rise in tinted moisturisers and serums instead of weighty foundations to showcase fresh-faced makeup that mimics a skin-like texture’.

‘This adoption of natural, stripped-back beauty may also result in less people completing surgical procedures such as lip fillers and botox. Instead, people may invest in short-term, temporary beauty products that offer the same effect from home.”


Ground-breaking brows:

“While the natural, fluffy brows dominated 2022, skinny brows are certainly making a comeback for 2023. Standing firmly as a Y2K favourite, the 90’s thin brows have definitely started to return thanks to the ever-changing tik tok trends. Yes, the skinny brow can look and sound scary but it will make more of a subtle entrance in the new year. Rather than reaching for the tweezers, I recommend using an effective brow gel like Fluff it Up, to brush the hairs in the desired direction, you can then gently pinch the brow hair on arches to create more of a 90’s arch & look, whilst keeping your brow hairs in tact!

“Bleached brows have been one of the most controversial yet memorable brow trends of the later end of 2022 and we are seeing no disappearance of the trend now that we have entered 2023. With celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Julia Fox sporting the bleached look, it’s no surprise that they are here to stay. I love how they offer everyone a chance to be creative, it is almost like a blank canvas. However, bleaching your hair can be detrimental to your brow health if not done carefully and correctly. When shaped & groomed correctly the right brow really can set off every single feature on your face, whilst enhancing your eye colour. When the brows are bleached this unbalances the features and I would imagine it looks a little strange on a day – to – day basis. When choosing the right shade for your brows, we usually match to your hair colour or sometimes slightly darker, especially with blondes. If you want to draw attention away from ageing brows that are thinning or gathering fine lines, going a shade lighter than your usual choice may be a good idea, although bleaching them may be a step too far!”


Grunge glam: Selina Bassi, owner of new, vegan lash brand Maia Lashes

“Although the return of Wednesday Addams has left us all craving a goth-glam inspired beauty revamp, the darker, grunge beauty aesthetic was already making a comeback prior. Throughout 2022, we’ve all gotten braver with our makeup choices. Many people no longer stick to the blanket beauty trends and instead opt for a more unique routine. So it’s no surprise that darker eyeshadows and heavier liners are returning – Jenna Ortega just secured this for us. From smudged, dramatic eyes to deeper, darker lip colours, there are many techniques that you can adopt to start your Wednesday Addams journey to the dark side.

My top tips for achieving the ultimate dramatic eyeshadow look are:

  • Use at least 2 eyeshadow brushes, especially fluffy ones for blending as this is the most important part when ensuring a seamless eye look.
  • Always complete your eyeshadow before your foundation. This allows you to get rid of the fallout before applying your foundation otherwise it will stick under your eyes. Otherwise, hold a tissue under your eyes to catch it. 
  • Prime your eyelids so that the eyeshadow sticks and is durable for your festive plans.
  • While blending your eyeshadow is important, be careful not to over-blend as this can create patchy eyes.”


Bringing back the blush: Selina Bassi, owner of new, vegan lash brand Maia Lashes

“Not so long ago, blush was a distant memory and it was all about the bronzer and contour. However it looks like blush will be making a comeback this year, maybe with some new colours and tones. Although a classic pink blush will always stand the test of time, people are opting for an orange blush at the minute which almost blends a blush and bronzer together. An orange tone is warmer and more subtle than a pink and is a more subtle look for everyday use. I’ve always loved using blush as it adds colour back into the skin. No matter whether you’re wearing minimal makeup or going for a full-glam look, blush gives that added pop of colour to create a healthy glow”.


Loud lips: Selina Bassi, owner of new, vegan lash brand Maia Lashes

“2023 is looking like the year of being daring and bold with makeup. Although people will opt for more makeup-free and natural skin days, it’s looking like the days where we do wear makeup will see a rise of colour and drama. There has been a surge of bright and bold lips recently; they are starting to become the star of the show. Lips are also becoming shinier which is a real contrast to the matte obsession that took over the beauty world a few years ago. As well as a glossy, bold lip, many are now starting to use a lipliner that is darker than their lipstick/gloss to create a fuller, plumper illusion. And some celebs and models such as Kylie Jenner are even starting to use a bold lip as the only noticeable makeup product on their face by letting a red lip work alone with very minimal makeup elsewhere. Gone are the days of matching your lipstick with your complexion. 2023 is about embracing all pops of colour”.


Experiment with your lashes: Selina Bassi, owner of new, vegan lash brand Maia Lashes

“There was a time when many people became dependent on lash extensions to maximise volume and length. However, as mentioned before, I think that 2023 will be the year of embracing our natural self more often and therefore less people will pay for permanent eyelash extensions. What will increase however is the use of false lashes. Using strip lashes gives us the freedom to choose what look we desire day-to-day. 

Here are my top tips for using false lashes:

  • The most important factor when it comes to correctly using your fake lashes is applying them correctly. Lashes aren’t designed to fit everyone the same as we all have different eye shapes. Some people end up cutting and trimming their fake lashes until they fit their eye which can be a fiddly process therefore I recommend using lashes from a website that allows you to buy different sized lashes, such as Maia Lashes. This way, you won’t have to worry about damaging the lashes when cutting them.
  • When applying the glue, place a thin layer across the vein of the lash from corner to corner and wait for a few seconds for the glue to go tacky. This allows the lashes to stick better. I recommend buying lashes with a super thin, lightweight  band to not only prevent glue build-ups but to also ensure maximum comfort and minimum fuss. Then, look down and apply the strip lash against your lash line. 
  • To bond the lashes with your own, use a tweezer to push the two together. Another useful tip is to apply mascara before the lashes which makes it easier to bond the two after applying the falsies and helps them to set. Finish by gently pushing the lashes up with your finger tip for that added lash lift.


I also recommend investing in an effective lash serum to protect and nourish your lashes for the days when you choose to go makeup-free. As 2023 will see more no-makeup days and natural beauty looks, it is essential to care for your eyelashes with a serum to ensure that they stay strong and thick”.