With most of the world’s population confined to their homes the result has been a number of micro-trends emerging on social media to alleviate boredom. We are a trend-based society and while we’re all doing nothing, it seems like we’re doing the same thing. In the midst of global efforts to stay home and combat the coronavirus pandemic, these viral trends shed a little light and fun into our world. If you are struggling to keep occupied, we have rounded up everything you need to know about the most popular micro-trends to partake in.

Growing Vegetable Scraps on Windowsills

The latest trend to storm social media is submerging the roots of vegetables in water glasses, and ‘farming’ them on your kitchen windowsill. Low-key gardening, also dubbed ‘victory sills’, has practical benefits such as ensuring a supply of fresh vegetables during lockdown. However, there are emotional benefits to this trend too. Regrowth of a vegetable sprouting in the sun feels hopeful, something we could all use right now. For the easiest gardening, cut off the roots of spring onions, leeks or celery and place them in a glass of water by sunlight. For a more complex challenge, try gardening herbs, garlic sprouts and romaine lettuce too.

Dalgona Coffee

Originating from South Korea, arguably the most viral micro-trend of the lockdown is Dalgona Coffee. This trend is so popular that companies such as Coffee Direct have seen
a staggering 160% increase in coffee sales since 23
rd March, when lockdown measures began to rapidly increase. Coffee expert, Lewis Spencer, explains how the trend works stating ‘this new whipped coffee trend only needs 4 ingredients- coffee, sugar, milk and hot water. Using an electric mixer, whip the coffee, sugar and hot water until a frothy mixture is formed. Heat the milk and spoon dollops of the stiff peaks on top to achieve your Dalgona. The final result should taste like an upgraded iced-coffee.’

Live Social Food Classes

With restaurants closed around the country, many diners are missing and craving their favourite food options. Cue chefs hosting live cooking classes on social media. Not only is sharing a recipe a kind gesture to help keep customers occupied during quarantine, but it is also a genius marketing strategy for closed businesses wishing to maintain their customers
interest in their food and brand.  Popular live social food classes include ‘Wok from home’ with Wagamama, Home Cooking with The Athenian, Nando’s peri peri workshops and Live Grilled Cheese Toasties from Morty & Bob’s.

Baking bread

While in lockdown, people are baking bread rather than shopping for it to pass the time. Baking is known to have comforting, anti-stress effects and bread is considered an essential food item that requires time and patience to prepare. Whether it be an easy banana bread or an authentic Italian pizza dough recipe, try something new and learn how to bake fresh bread. Guido Pedrelli, founder of Nonna Box states ‘Don’t be afraid of making fresh, homemade bread; it is so simple just to mix up some flour and water … and there is nothing like the aroma of fresh bread baking in your kitchen, which will make your whole family hungry.’

Instagram Story Templates

Although we are social distancing, we are finding new and innovative ways to stay  connected. Instagram Story Template challenges consist of nominating your loved ones to fill out a template and post it on their story to pass on the challenge. Variations of these templates include ‘This or That’ challenges, filling out your ‘Favourite Things’, and even ‘The Bill Clinton Swag Album’ challenge which shows the former US president sat down with four
vinyl records, which you overlay with your favourite albums of all time and post on your Instagram story.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the world’s most popular video sharing app, valued at $75 billion. During the coronavirus pandemic, families all over the world are stuck inside together for weeks. Instead of bonds being broken, wholesome and creative quarantine content is being made. Whilst the app gained popularity before COVID-19, new Tik Tok trends have been emerging under lockdown such as ‘Bored in the house’, ‘Cleaning Szn’, ‘The Hands Wash’ and
popular dance challenges such as ‘The Toosie Slide’ and ‘Renegade’.

Zoom Happy Hours

Video-conferencing apps such as Zoom have seen a huge influx of users during this social distancing period. In just 3 months, the number of daily active users ballooned from a previous total of 10 million to over 200 million in March. Apps such as Zoom have allowed us to stay connected to others, and practice normal everyday activities virtually: one of which is Happy Hour! Whether with your co-workers or closest friends, Zoom Happy Hours are about unwinding from the work week and bringing some normality back into our lives. With the ability to schedule a future one-time meeting, everyone is able to join in for a few drinks and laughs whilst practising safe social distancing measures.