Pink lace bra and knicker set on a pink background

Most of us are very happy that summer is now just around the corner. While many fashion-related articles focus upon outerwear, we need to remember that what occurs behind the scenes is just as important. What do the industry experts say about female undergarments and lingerie? Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest trends as well as why these are set to once again redefine sensual fashion as we know it.


Comfort is Once Again King (or Queen)

Many will argue that comfortable garments are set to become quite popular in the near future. In fact, comfort may even take precedence over visual style. The main reason behind this paradigm shift involves the simple fact that day-to-night dressing is becoming commonplace. In other words, individuals often wish to wear these garments throughout the day. This is why fabrics such as silk and mesh should enjoy a growing presence in the coming months. Let’s also remember that comfortable lingerie and sleepwear are important to keep in mind when the temperatures outside begin to rise.


Bold and Beautiful

Bold colours are likewise set to make an appearance upon the lingerie stage. This should not come as a great surprise, as the spring and summer months have always been associated with brighter and more vibrant tones. Many fashion experts predict the use of organic hues as well as pastels. The bottom line is that women are much more keen to experiment with unique tones and these are often used to define their personalities. While the demand for “traditional” options such as white and red is still present, alternatives such as yellow and green will represent a breath of fresh air for many wearers.


A Bit of a Retro Appeal

Fashion always has the tendency to revolve in circles. This is just as true when referring to lingerie and similar undergarments. So, it should come as no great surprise that the retro appeal has once again returned. We should therefore expect to see styles from the 1950s and 1960s featuring prominently. However, modern twists such as the use of novel fabrics and unique colours will likewise help to provide a more contemporary appeal.


A Size for Every Size

Plus-sized fashion now represents a significant portion of the entire industry. This trend is just as relevant in regard to women’s undergarments. One of the main reasons behind this momentum involves the fact that females have learned to celebrate their bodies; regardless of whether or not they fit the so-called “ideal” dimensions. This also provides them with a greater degree of confidence; promoting a sense of individuality and pride.


These are some interesting trends to keep an eye out for in the coming months. Of course, there may be other tendencies which could further reinvent the industry as we know it. This is why it is always a good idea to follow the latest news articles so that you can remain well ahead of the fashion curve.