Bachelorette party

You’ll want to savour every moment on your special day, from the intricate details on your handcrafted cake topper to the ornate flowers scattered around your venue. In truth, it’s these experiences that create lasting memories. You won’t forget the way the dress felt in the bridal shop, or the tears of joy when you announced your engagement. That’s why every moment leading up to your special day deserves to give you ultimate happiness.

Creating a luxurious bridal experience, for you and your bridal party, is just one way to ensure a seamless day that’s filled with laughter, happiness and joy. According to a wedding planning expert from Foxhills Surrey, a luxury golf club wedding venue, these simple tips will guarantee the ultimate bridal experience, leaving you with beautiful memories you can cherish for years.


Creating a Luxurious Bridal Party Experience

1. Delegate your tasks

No bride is expected to do everything by herself, that’s why it’s a great idea to bring family and friends on board to support. Not only will they relish the opportunity to play a role in your special day, but they’ll likely be able to lend a hand or provide advice. In fact, using a spreadsheet is a great way to do this. Getting organised is an easy way to help keep stress to a minimum when planning your wedding. plot out every key component of your wedding, including costs and task delegations, in one place and share it amongst those supporting you. Give them the autonomy to update it and be responsible for it.

Ensuring certain tasks are delegated also means there’s less on your plate. Having everything documented in a spreadsheet, with a little colour-coded status, means less worry over the tasks that need to be done. Doing so, and being organised, will put your mind at rest. Reducing some of the unnecessary stress is important for you to fully relax prior to your wedding day.


2. Plan a getaway before the big day

It’s no secret that wedding planning is stressful and, without a chance to breathe, it can spoil some of the excitement in the lead-up to the big day. Taking a short holiday before a wedding can be a great way to spend some quality time with your significant other or even your entire wedding party. Whether you choose to go on a beach vacation, a city break, or a nature retreat, a short holiday can give you a chance to disconnect from the stress of wedding planning and reconnect with your loved ones. It can also give you some much-needed perspective and help you prioritise what’s truly important on your big day. Ultimately, taking a short holiday before a wedding can be a wonderful way to create lasting memories and start your marriage off on the right foot.

Or perhaps take some time to get away with your friends to unwind and celebrate the next chapter of your life. Booking a spa weekend is an ideal way to relax and unwind before the big day. Not only can it help you destress and feel calmer, but it can also give you a chance to pamper yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-care. From massages to facials to saunas and hot tubs, a spa weekend can help you look and feel your best for your wedding day. Plus, it can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time with friends or family members who are also part of the wedding party. Overall, a spa weekend before a wedding can be a great way to recharge your batteries and get ready for the big day ahead.


3. Get close to the venue a day or two before

The final days ahead of the big day can feel like a busy time, a fizzy mix of excitement, nerves and ticking off the final tasks on your to do list! To avoid undue stress on the big day many brides opt to stay close to or at their wedding venue the night before. Being set up at or close to your venue takes away the strain of preparation, especially if your venue is a considerable distance from your home.

Why not invite your bridal party to stay the night too? After all, the fewer logistical worries the better.


4. Put everything you need in an obvious place

The morning of your big day can be filled with nerves, which naturally make us a little stressed too. To maintain a calm and cool composure, put everything you need in an obvious place and tell your bridal party where it is. With so many components to consider, losing or misplacing something can feel catastrophic during the moment. That’s why your bridal party and family are your biggest strength, use them to help alleviate your day.


5. Treat yourselves to something delicious before the ceremony

For afternoon weddings, the bridal party can go hours without a bite to eat, which is likely to cause unnecessary tension. Arrange to have breakfast or brunch together to make sure you start your day off right. It’s possible for some venues to deliver to your room, which could come in handy if your wedding starts in the morning. Light breakfasts could include smoked salmon and eggs on toast, or a selection of pastries, as well as a nice coffee or tea to really start the day.


6. Savour the moment

Time is one of the greatest luxuries of all, that’s why eradicating unnecessary stress and filling your day with happiness, joy and laughter is vital to creating your ultimate bridal party experience. Tensions prior to the big day can be easily alleviated through task delegation and planned getaways, meaning you’re wedding day is already set to succeed. Small details, such as the lighting and chair decorations are an exciting part of planning, but they play such a minuscule role overall.