LV brown shoulder bag. Louis Vuitton bag on windows display.

Louis Vuitton is the most popular fashion brand in the world, topping the list of most searched-for designers in over 40% of the globe.

Looking at search trends, fashion experts at Larizia have discovered which brands are favoured by fashionistas in different countries. Appearing in a huge 40 countries on the list, including style hotspots such as the USA, France, the UK and Italy, Paris-born fashion house Louis Vuitton takes a clear lead as the world’s most loved brand.

Related searches show interest in the brand skyrockets when they dress and collaborate with stars such as Ana de Armas, Milly Alcock and Jackson Wang. Kendrick Lamar’s showstopping performance at the Men’s Spring 23 show in Paris also helped Louis Vuitton top the list, showing how celebrity endorsement can make a world of difference for a brand’s recognition.

The most popular fashion brands and countries in which they came out top are…

BrandNumber of countries toppedPopular in…
Louis Vuitton40Australia, UK, USA
Gucci14Ghana, Thailand, Vietnam
Tommy Hilfiger10Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal
Dior9Japan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia
Lacoste4Argentina, Brazil, Turkey
Calvin Klein3Belarus, Chile, Ukraine
Chanel2Nepal, Spain
Hermes2Bolivia, Germany
Hugo Boss1Burkina Faso

Gucci is the second most popular brand by searches, with most of their shoppers from Southeast and East Asia, where collaborations with K-Pop star Kai Exo helped propel the brand to new heights. In third place is Tommy Hilfiger, which is a firm favourite in 10 countries, particularly European destinations such as Portugal and Greece.


Most popular fashion brands by country:

Most populous countriesFavourite brand
IndiaLouis Vuitton
United StatesLouis Vuitton
PakistanLouis Vuitton
NigeriaLouis Vuitton
BangladeshLouis Vuitton
RussiaTommy Hilfiger
MexicoLouis Vuitton

While Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and Dior are clear front runners worldwide, some huge fashion brands didn’t seem to make a big impression over the last year. Fashion powerhouse Prada didn’t make the cut in any countries, also feeling the brunt is Valentino, who also missed out on a spot on the list.


Claire Breslin, Buying & Commercial Director at Larizia, commented:

“As one of the most recognised luxury brands, it’s no huge surprise to see just how much of an impact Louis Vuitton has. With pieces including classic handbags and iconic luggage, their strong branding and chic styles make them one of the best-known brands around. We were especially interested to see which countries veer away from the majority when it comes to their fashion choices. From the likes of Dior in Japan to McQueen in Haiti, we’re impressed by the broad range of favourite brands we’ve seen worldwide!”