Eatlean Super Lean Hamper

Eatlean The CHEESE That Can Help You Lose Weight!

Everybody loves cheese. It is the ideal accompaniment for so many things, whether melted on top of a hot meal, or lathered in Branston pickle for that perfect sandwich. For people who are aiming for a specific fitness or weight-oriented goal, cutting cheese out of their diet can be the hardest part. However, cheese and exercise lovers need fear no more

Cheshire-based family farm Joseph Heler not only make all the sumptuously delicious cheeses that food-lovers know and adore, but they are also home to an innovative idea. George Heler, third-generation grandson, founded Eatlean in 2013 to offer low-fat, high-protein cheeses for people who would usually cut cheese out of their diet in search of weight loss, sporting goals, lowering cholesterol, or low-fat diets.

Sourcing their own milk from the farm cows, Eatlean’s cheese is the perfect, delicious alternative for cheese addicts who also want to lead healthier lifestyles. Made in exactly the same way as standard cheeses, the firm simply concentrate on the protein content of the milk instead of the fat. As a result, the majority of cheese produced contains a mere 3% fat instead of the usual 34%, as well as 37% protein in every 100 grams, which only amounts to an incredible 169 calories.

For those who enjoy a more mature cheese taste, or simply want to treat themselves come the weekend, Eatlean also offer an exquisite half-fat cheese with 14% fat. Suitably named Tasty, this mouth-watering cheese comes in block and slice formats, and is the perfect way to tantalise the taste buds without ruining the diet or fitness plan.

Every Eatlean cheese is vegetarian, meaning everyone can enjoy a little slice of heaven. The cheese bake and spreadable formats are not lactose-free however, but still remarkably tasty! Currently available in major supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s and Waitrose, the farm is pushing for more of their cheeses to be sold in retail.

Nobody should have to live without cheese, and it certainly shouldn’t have to be a temptation in pursuit of any goal. Instead, Eatlean’s fantastic low-fat, high-protein cheeses offer those fitness fanatics and weight loss aspirers the perfect alternative, delivering a luxurious taste that doesn’t compromise on health.

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