The glistening crown jewel of the Cyclades Island group, Mykonos, remains one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The pristine azure waters off the coast, the sun-soaked beaches and the idyllic whitewashed houses with azure domed roofs ensure this island continues to lure in visitors from all over the world. With the island reaching its peak tourist season in the summer, there is no better time to visit the island and escape the winter blues than now. Located in the Aegean Sea, the best way to explore this island, and her sister islands of Santorini, Naxos and Paros, is with a yacht charter. A Mykonos yacht charter ensures you can explore all the island has to offer at your own leisure while benefiting from the finest luxury amenities available and white-glove service throughout the journey. Here we share three reasons why your next getaway should be a Mykonos yacht charter.

Mesmerizing beaches

The Cyclades islands are renowned for breathtakingly beautiful coastlines and crystal clear waters. Mykonos, in particular, is home to many stunning beaches, with some of the best beaches on the south side, as they are protected from the strong north winds. Depending on what amenities and activities you enjoy, there is a beach to suit every need, from small, secluded beaches to pebble and sand beaches to lively, party beaches.

Psarou Beach offers some of the island’s most exclusive and upscale clubs, while Agios Ioannis Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island but more secluded. Paradise Beach, or Super Paradise Beach, truly comes alive after the sunset and houses several bars and clubs that are open all day and night long. Those who enjoy watersports will love Kalafati Beach, while Agios Sostis Beach is a spectacular beach and home to the world-famous Kiki Tavern. With plenty of beaches to choose from, you can have your crew anchor in one of the gorgeous bays and enjoy a picnic on shore.

Fascinating ancient history

The island of Mykonos is home to many ancient sites, but the best way to explore them (other than by foot) is via a yacht. Mykonos’ rich past consists of many civilizations, from ancient Greek, Byzantine and Frankish, with several remains and buildings scattered around the island. The Old Town of Mykonos, known by the locals as Chora, remains a beacon of the traditional Greek way of living. Overflowing with an abundance of whitewashed houses with painted shutters and blue roofs covered with red and pink bougainvilleas and geraniums, walking through it is an experience in itself. One of the town’s most important archaeological sites is located at Ano Mera (Upper Village), which was built in 1824 by Ali Pasha Tepelena and served as his residence until 1831, when he fled Greece. Open to visitors, enjoy a private tour of the site. Be sure to see remains from the ancient city of Mykonos, which was built during the Archaic period, here. While exploring the Old Town, visit the Paraportiani Orthodox Church, which dates back to the 17th century, before watching a magical sunset from the Venetian windmills.

Magnificent Diving

One of the most popular destinations in Greece for diving and snorkeling, Mykonos is home to a spectacular array of dive sites. Some of the most famous locations include the shipwreck of Anna II and Lia reef. The waters are clear and shallow enough that even beginners can enjoy themselves without much trouble. Home to an array of marine life, both are ideal for experienced and new divers. If you’re not much of a diver, then fear not; there are still plenty of ways to experience Mykonos’s beautiful waters. You can have the crew take you out on the tender to explore the island’s coastline or take a trip out to Delos — an uninhabited island with stunning beaches that are just a short distance away.

No matter what you do, a yacht charter to Mykonos with TWW Yachts will leave you with a lifetime of unforgettable memories.