Congratulations! Your child has learned how to ride a balance bike without any fears or hesitations. 

This proves they’re set for their next cycling mission. However, the variety of bikes in the market might make it confusing to choose a suitable one after the balance bike. 

Bobbin Bikes takes this opportunity to help you! They know how thrilling (and perhaps a bit confusing) it can be for parents searching for an ideal pedal bike for their kid. Here is a complete guide that will simplify this important decision for you.

Signs they’re ready to ditch the balance bike

Before diving into specific bikes, let’s ensure your child is truly prepared for pedals. Here are some key indicators:

  • Balance: They can comfortably glide on their balance bike for extended periods, confidently making turns and navigating uneven terrain.
  • Confidence: They show a strong desire to ride a bike with pedals and are eager to take on the challenge.
  • Leg Strength: They can easily push themselves along on the balance bike, demonstrating sufficient leg strength for pedalling.

Choosing the right size bike

Bobbin Bikes presents a complete assortment of exciting junior kids’ bikes in all sizes. And you can select the perfect one for your kid based on their height: 

  • 12-inch wheels: Great for kids around ⅗-year-olds, these bikes are light and easy to handle, helping your child grow confidence as they move from balance bikes. 
  • 14-inch wheels: A fitting choice for taller 4/5-year-olds who have become too big for a 12-inch bike. It offers a bit more legroom and allows them to gain speed for comfortable cruising.
  • 16-inch wheels: Suitable for most 5/6-year-olds. This size provides a good balance between manoeuvrability and riding comfort, making it perfect for exploring parks and neighbourhood streets.
  • 18-inch wheels: Typically for older children (6+) who have outgrown a 16-inch bike.

Which type of bike to get?

There are tons of cool bikes out there, and picking the best one for your little one doesn’t have to be hard. 

Think about where they’ll be riding the bike most often. Will they be cruising on smooth city streets, dodging cars and traffic lights? Then a perfect bike for your kid would be a city bike.

Or maybe they dream of exploring dirt paths and trails, feeling the wind and adrenaline as they climb hills and zoom down slopes. Then kid’s BMX bikes might be more appropriate than city bikes.

Next, think about how you want them to feel while riding. Do you want them to be sitting up straight so they can see everything around them? Or maybe you want them to lean forward a bit and go as fast as they can?

Once you know where they’ll be riding, you’re ready to explore the different types of bikes.

The joy of the journey

Picking the correct bike after a balance bike is an important part of your child’s biking pathway. By concentrating on the dimensions, basic aspects, and protection, you can ensure a trouble-free change and lots of joyful miles of discovery together. 

Bobbin Bikes provides an extraordinary choice of kids’ bikes that will suit various needs and aesthetics. What’s stopping you? Go to Bobbin Bikes and choose the ideal bike for elevating your child’s biking experiences!