mercedes a class

Top 3 Luxury Vehicles for Company Directors

As a company director, it’s up to you to set a certain standard, a vision, and carry on the branding from the business you have such a vested interest in. This can obviously be achieved through a variety of methods, but one powerful one is imaging. Sure, you can dress the part of director, but why not also drive a luxury vehicle that is built with prestige and excellence in mind? It’s the luxury class of vehicles that really stands out and calls to company directors such as you, as they offer all the bells and whistles.

So, let’s take a look at the top three luxury vehicles that are perfect for company directors.

Mercedes A-Class

mercedes a class

When it comes to iconic luxury vehicles, the Mercedes A-Class is in a level all its own. More than just a luxury vehicle, the Mercedes is built with precision so that it doesn’t only look great, but also performs great. If you’re looking for a car that is truly a pleasure to drive, this is your vehicle. And the great thing is that you can look into Mercedes A Class leasing options which will ensure you’re in a new car every few years, meaning you’ll always have the best of the best.

You can find all kinds of Mercedes options that are ideal for business directors. Choose from the popular diesel or petrol models of the A-class and from various packages include the Premium line and the Executive line. The models will vary in the boot space, the engine size, doors, insurance group that it fits in, and the combined MPG.

BMW 5 Series

Another one to consider is something out of the BMW 5 Series, which has also built quite the strong reputation for itself. Classified as a mid-sized executive car, this one has been around for an incredible 46 years now. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s stuck in the past, as the 5 Series has just recently undergone some pretty extensive upgrades and a makeover if you will.

Standout features of this vehicle include its comfort level, which makes it ideal for those on the road a lot, a high-performance engine, and it even offers a hybrid model for those looking for a more eco-friendly option.

Tesla Model S


Then we’ve got the Tesla Model S, which of course is a whole other standard of luxury cars. This is actually Tesla’s first foray into the mainstream with this electric luxury vehicle. But exactly how practical is this electric car? Well, it’s able to travel just under 400 miles with one charge, which for many people will be more than enough. There’s also the fact that it seats seven people, which is definitely rare in the luxury class. Just be prepared for a very high sticker price.

Fabulous Options to Choose From

So, if you’re a company director in the market for a new car, these are three fabulous options to choose from and will definitely combine performance with luxury.