Floating bingalow on a lagoon in Moorea

Some people might cringe at the idea of going on a “babymoon,” a trip that couples take when expecting a baby. But as any parent would understand, welcoming a new baby does not come easy. While being a new parent is a truly wonderful experience, it can also be stressful. So, before the big day comes, why don’t you go on a luxury vacation to unwind? 

There are various destinations around the world that offer luxurious amenities for a relaxing babymoon experience. From the overwater villas of Moorea to the luxury resorts of the Maldives or a charming villa in Tuscany, check out these top five destinations for luxury babymoons.

1. Moorea 

Moorea is a gorgeous island in French Polynesia known for its powder-like sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and swaying palm trees. If you’re looking for a luxury babymoon holiday, Moorea is a great place to consider. The accommodation here is diverse, ranging from stylish bungalows to decadent Moorea overwater villas.

Located about ten nautical miles from Tahiti, Moorea can be accessed by plane or ferry from Papeete. This proximity, along with the island’s welcoming and friendly nature, makes Moorea a favourite destination for couples and families. Despite its popularity, the island was able to maintain its laidback vibe, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing babymoon holiday.

Moorea also offers plenty of interesting sights to explore in between relaxation. The island is home to eight voluminous mountain peaks rising from its crystal-clear lagoon, which creates a distinctive and rugged silhouette. Moorea is also home to two symmetrical bays, Opunohu Bay and Cooks Bay.

2. Roatan

Home to the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, Roatan is a haven for underwater adventures. But even if you don’t plan to participate in any activities, you will still have a great time on your babymoon to Roatan. Here, you can relax in tropical surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle.

Located 65 km north of mainland Honduras, Roatan is home to resorts offering luxury accommodation options. For instance, the Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort feature luxurious Spanish-style villas elegantly furnished with a flat-screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen. On the south shore of Roatan, you will find the Barefoot Cay Resort, built around a privately owned cay. To get to the resort, you will be travelling on a boat. You can choose from a one or two-bedroom villa fitted with sophisticated furnishings and open to the glistening Caribbean waters.

When you aren’t relaxing in your villa or exploring the underwater world, you can indulge in relaxing spa treatments or feast at the gourmet-style restaurants on the island.

3. Maldives 

The Maldives is a luxury destination on everyone’s bucket lists and a perfect island getaway for expectant parents. In fact, the Maldives is also home to some child-friendly resorts, so even if you are taking some kids with you, you can guarantee a fun and relaxing luxury Maldives family holiday in this archipelagic country.

If you are travelling to the Maldives with your kids, you definitely want to stay at one of the child-friendly resorts with its own kid’s club and children’s pool. Contrary to what many people thought, the Maldives does not solely appeal to honeymooners. As a popular beach holiday destination, the Maldives also offer an abundance of family-friendly activities, from snorkelling to cruising, parasailing, and fishing.

The Maldives is famous for its overwater villas. Resorts such as the Kanuhura have overwater villas spacious enough for families. These villas are fitted with everything you need, from giant flat-screen TVs to private plunge pools. For families who prefer something more adventurous on their babymoon, check out Soneva Jani, whose overwater bungalows have the option of a slide straight into the lagoon.

4. Iceland

Home to majestic volcanoes, deep fjords, and vast glaciers, Iceland has long been a beloved destination for the more intrepid travellers. Nowadays, this Nordic country is home to a new wave of luxury hotels and posh restaurants, elevating the experience to a whole new level. So, when it comes to your luxury babymoon in Iceland, you should believe the hype!

Iceland may be a country made for adventures, but it also offers plenty of opportunities for relaxing activities. Melt away your worries in the warm pools of the Blue Lagoon, a manmade lagoon where the powers of geothermal seawater create a transformational spa experience. Check out the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavík, a modern building architecturally inspired by the Icelandic nature of volcanoes and Arctic lights.

To make the most of your Icelandic babymoon, check into a five-star property without ever slipping off your plush white robe. Stay in a suite at a luxury hotel in Reykjavík, where you will have your own private sauna to relax after a day filled with adventures. End your day indulging in a sumptuous feast from the country’s best fine dining restaurants.

5. Italy

If you are longing for a luxury babymoon in Italy, head to Tuscany, where five-star hotels and luxury villas rest amid picturesque vineyards and quiet coastlines. Aside from relaxing in your suite, your babymoon in Tuscany will be spent exploring charming villages and frolicking at the warm summer seas.

Tuscany is also home to castle hotels, a testament to the region’s historical past. These accommodations offer a fascinating option for couples seeking luxury accommodation options while getting a glimpse of Tuscan’s colourful history. The most popular option would be to stay at luxury villas where you can spend a relaxing babymoon in total privacy while being surrounded by the stunning views of the Tuscan countryside.

If you’re looking for accommodation with a bit of character, there are also luxury boutique hotels in the region. These are small and medium-sized hotels located in the secluded part of the region and fitted with unique features, far better than the classic hotel standards. Often run by locals, these hotels are known for their warm hospitality, incredible attention to detail, and tailor-made luxury experience.