The craze around having a social media presence has truly escalated in recent years. With around 2.62 billion users around the world, each platform allows people and brands to develop their own online personas and help them to attract a large following by posting meaningful content.

To help advertise a brand though, marketers are on the hunt for people with high followings to promote their products or services on their page — this is something that has later been recognised as influencer marketing. From this, influencer marketing was born.

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook being global hub of social media, Instagram has truly become more popular since its launch. In this article, we take a look at some athletic influencers on Instagram that you should be following and analyse their accounts.

Alex Bowen

If you’re familiar with the show Love Island, you’ll know of Alex Bowen — he even got married to Olivia recently, who he had coupled up with! Since the show ended, Alex has been able to rack up a following of 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

Heard of QUIZMAN? Well, this influencer partnered with them to show off some men’s shirts! However, he does have a second account that is entirely dedicated to workout videos and gym pictures – which has gained a respectable following of almost 50,000 people. Read more about how you can grow your own Instagram followers at EarthWeb.

AB_Bowen Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 4 Million Followers
  • 2,000+ Posts
  • 514 Average Daily Followers
  • Around 40 Posts Per Month

Joe Wicks (TheBodyCoach)

TheBodyCoach’s follower count keeps going up and up, as he inspires people to better their mind and body. With eight healthy eating cookbooks under his sleeve, Joe usually posts body transformation pics of his clients and of course healthy food!

If you’re a foodie, this influencer is too. He’s partnered with Gousto to give you some exclusive recipes! Aside from this, with his own rightful success, he’s been able to launch his own supplement range that has had rave reviews!

TheBodyCoach Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 5 Million Followers
  • 9,000+ Posts
  • 25,642 Average Likes
  • 07% Engagement Rate

Chris Magee (Mageesy) 

If you love engaging with fun-filled content on the daily, this UK ‘ninja’ will bring out the positivity. With just 31,000 followers, the Irish fitness guru was formerly a personal trainer and now is an international yoga teacher – allowing his audience to practice with him online and ensure that they’re in the best mindset possible.

Despite not posting many collaborations with big companies, he does a lot for charity instead. On International Yoga Day, he assisted the Yoga For Refugees event and shared his expertise with those in need.

Mageesy Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 400 Posts
  • 376 Average Likes
  • 29% Engagement Rate

Clem (Coach_Clem)

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, this is the man you should follow. With just over 7,000 followers, Clem is definitely leaving a good impression on the athletic community. A lot of his posts are with his friends, which makes anyone looking for inspiration feel part of his club.

He’s even worked with Core Collective to produce his own focus pack programme. This means that you only pay for what you need, and gain access to consultation so you know you’re working in the right direction!

Coach_Clem Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 400 Posts
  • 214 Average Likes
  • 22% Engagement Rate

Kenneth Gallarzo (Progressive_Calisthenics)

Motivation is key, well at least that’s what Kenneth Gallarzo thinks. The majority of his uploads are videos, so you genuinely do feel a sense of unity and involvement when you’re browsing his page. You’ll even become familiar with a lot of the people he trains with!

The majority of his Instagram posts are outdoor fitness videos and will definitely put a smile on your face!

Progressive_Calisthenics Account Analysis January 2019:

  • 950+ Posts
  • 2,259 Average Likes
  • 56% Engagement Rate

Although there are many fitness fanatics on Instagram, these are definitely the accounts that you should be following. Have you stayed committed to your gym routine this month? You can do it!

*Influencer analysis data depended on business/personal account settings.