As a host, you want your guests to feel at home. And when you love luxurious items, it means they get to experience the same quality you would expect. When you’re hosting guests, there are plenty of little things you can do to ensure their stay is as pleasant as possible. It can be anything from a clean, soft towel to comfy sheets and new pillows on the bed. This list should help give your guest some of the comforts they’re used to having at home while they stay with you:
A Soft, Large Towel

Have you ever been to a hotel and the piddly towel won’t wrap all the way around your body? A soft, large towel is one of the most important items to have on hand for guests. A good towel should be both soft and large enough for a guest to wrap up in. It should also be clean and fresh smelling, with no holes or stains.

Good Liquor

Welcome your guests with a cool drink. You can stock your liquor cabinet with the best drinks like Villager Spirits or even have a wine cellar or fridge with the perfect vintage. A good liquor cabinet is the hallmark of a well-appointed home and an essential element for hosting. Liquor can elevate even the most ordinary of meals, and when you know what to keep on hand for your guests, it’s easy to make sure your next gathering will be a memorable one. Keep a good variety on hand and always ask if your guests have a favourite so you can pick it up before they visit.

A Plush Robe

A plush robe is a great gift for your guests. It’s an item they’ll use any time they’re staying with you, and it helps them feel more at home. A nice robe will also help them relax after a long day traveling or working. Robes are more comfortable after a shower and can help people feel warm while they are doing their hair or getting ready each morning.

A Small Basket With Travel-Sized Toiletries

Toiletries are one of those things that most people don’t think about until they’re needed—then they realize they don’t have any. It’s always better to plan ahead by keeping some essentials on hand so you have everything right at your fingertips. Simple things like shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and a toothbrush can help your guests feel more at home.

A Book to Read

A book is a great gift to give guests because it can be tailored to their interests. This makes them feel special and lets you know something about them as well. Put a favourite book or magazine in their room so that they can rest easier when they are having downtime alone.

A Small Basket With Breakfast or Snack Items

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these are some healthy options that can be easily packed in a basket for your guests to enjoy. Add some organic oatmeal packets, honey, maple syrup, fresh fruit like apples and bananas, and even some chips or crackers. If they have special dietary needs, go the extra mile and make sure that everything in the basket is something they can enjoy while they visit.

Paper Goods

A stack of notecards or a fancy pen and matching paper can do wonders for your guest’s experience. You don’t need to go overboard here; something as simple as a small stack of cards or a place to write notes or ideas can go a long way.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a nice touch when you walk into a room. They can be a symbol of hospitality, gratitude, friendship, love, or sympathy. And they add something special to make a stay feel more luxurious.

Discounts or Gift Cards to Local Restaurants

Think about what your guests like and if you can find a restaurant that serves their favourite cuisine or has the kind of atmosphere they would enjoy. Sometimes a home-cooked meal isn’t going to happen every day, no matter how hard you try. But you can make your guests feel welcomed by providing food for them through a gift card to local eateries.