Healthy juices

It is true that whenever we mention eating healthy and living healthy, drinking lots of fluids is one of the key ways you can achieve that.

And when it comes to talking about fluids, many people just think “water” is all the fluid they need to consume to live a healthy life.

Now, imagine telling someone who thinks water is the only healthy fluid that he can consume that he has to drink approximately 2 litres of fluids every day! He’d go, “What?!!!” because the average human doesn’t enjoy drinking water, not to talk of drinking that huge amount of water every single day of the week!

If you are also faced with this 2 litres fluid = 2 litres of water dilemma, this article is what you need to read!

Water is Not The Only Healthy Drink

It is common knowledge that fluids do a lot for the body:

● Burn calories.

● Keep you hydrated.

● Boost your energy.

● Nourish the skin.

● Lower your stress level.

● Essentially keep your body running.

This is why healthcare personnel advises that we drink lots of fluids daily to help keep our bodies in good health.

The crux of the matter is that a lot of people think water is the only drink/fluid that counts as a healthy fluid/drink, but that is not the truth as there are other healthy drinks that you will enjoy drinking and that also perform most of the duties that water performs in the body.

So, let’s introduce you to some top healthiest drinks that you should try!

Top Healthiest Drinks That You Should Try

1. Smoothies

Most of the time, many people perceive smoothies as a cool way to eat fruits outside of their solid shapes. You don’t want to bite into bananas and pineapples all the time, make a banana and pineapple smoothie!

Yes, smoothies are indeed a great way to get us to eat our fruits easily and in a whole new way, but smoothies are much more than that.

They are delicious due to the fruity components and have some key benefits such as hydration, weight loss, aids digestion, boosts body immunity, and body detoxification.

So, the next time you want a healthy drink, try something with more flavour by making some smoothie kit subscriptions instead for the most nutrient-rich smoothie!

2. Green Tea

This drink is one of the most talked-about beverages globally, and this is simply because green teas are one of the top healthiest drinks available. If you are not sure why you think you should

Drink green teas regularly, here are a few points: It contains antioxidants that protect body cells, mitigates heart diseases, eliminates blood clotting, and boosts oral health.

3. Milk

Aside from eating your cereal with it and adding it to your tea or coffee, drinking milk on its own is healthy. Milk is an excellent source of nutrients and protein that helps mitigate skin cancer, take care of the bones and muscles, and improve skin complexion.

So, whatever type of milk that you can grab: coconut, soy, dairy, or almond, make sure you drink as much as you can. For people who are lactose intolerant, kindly endeavour to drink dairy-free milk and in moderation.

4. Sparkling Water

Yes, it is water, but no, it is not your regular water! Sparkling water is another type of water, but this time, a bubbly kind of water is very healthy and has many benefits, such as improving digestion, boosting hydration, and reducing weight.

5. Coffee

Aside from being a good source of adrenaline on a hectic workday, other coffee benefits include fat and weight loss, improving mental sharpness and alertness, mitigating early death, and mitigating stroke and cancer.

6. Green Juice

Vegetables are essential food items that we can’t do without in our diets. But as vital as they are, stuffing vegetables down our throats can get very dull at times, and this is where green juices come to play.

In a bid to incorporate vegetables in our diets without eating the veggies, we blitz them in a good processor, and you’d get your nutritious green juices.

7. Fruit Juice

There have been many controversies about this particular type of drink regarding whether they are healthy or not.

Yes, they are gotten from fruits that we all tag healthy, but the fact is that in processing them, a lot of sugary substances are infused, rendering these drinks as unhealthy as soda drinks.

But before you ban fruit juices from the list of healthy drinks, you need to know that not all fruit juices are unhealthy. Fruits like pomegranate, acai berry, prunes, cranberry, red grapes, and oranges make some of the healthiest fruit juices you can ever try.

Final Thoughts

Consuming fluids regularly is as important as taking in air, and this is why many dieticians and health personnel always advise that we drink as many fluids as possible.

But is it possible to switch things and replace some water sessions with other healthy fluids?

Yes, it is possible to switch glasses of water with glasses of any of the above listed healthy drinks, and you’d still enjoy the same health benefits that you would enjoy if you drank water!!!