Have you ever wondered what you would buy if you won the lottery? Whether you’re dreaming of winning big or planning to collect your prize soon, it’s fun to hear what people have bought in the past.

Please note that these are not recommendations for how to spend your money. The wisest choice is to speak with a financial advisor and tax lawyer before making purchases, but who says you can’t splurge? Without further ado, here are eight top luxury purchases made by lottery winners.


1. Sports Car

Sports cars are perhaps the most obvious, but also one of the most popular luxury items purchased after winning the lottery. It’s about more than driving a flashy car — luxury vehicles are a sign of wealth, power and style. The starting price for a Lamborgini is $20,000-$500,000, but don’t worry — if you are looking to spend more, there are plenty of other rare luxury vehicles that can cost millions.


2. Boats and Yachts

Yachts appear to be the preferred method of traveling for the rich and famous, and it can be yours too! Use your lottery winnings to buy your own boat or private yacht.

Keep in mind these vessels include many costs outside of the original price tag, so you may want to rethink your dream after closer investigation. Perhaps a private jet is the best way to go.


3. Real Estate

When you come into a windfall of money, what would you do? For many people, buying their dream home — and then a few extra properties — was at the top of the list. Looking for your own private island with a villa may be a good place to start.


4. World Travel

Traveling the world is at the heart of most bucket lists, so it’s only natural to find it here as well. When people win the lottery, a luxurious trip around the world reigns supreme. Imagine luxury penthouse suites, private drivers and world-class food — can you think of anything better?


5. TV Shows

Would you have ever guessed that at least one winner chose to create their own female wrestling television show? For 19-year-old Jonathan Vargas, winning provided him the opportunity to pursue his fantasy — whether he regrets his decision now is another story entirely.


6. Donating or Starting a Trust

Going to school for free or donating thousands to your favorite charities are two luxuries most people can’t afford. However, for some lottery winners, this is the perfect way to spend their earnings. It feels good to give back, and in many cases, even your proceeds from buying a lottery ticket go to support good causes.


7. Plastic Surgery

Enjoy the luxury of changing your body — or loved ones —through plastic surgery. Procedures with the top doctors will seem like chumps change compared to your lottery winnings. In fact, you’d have enough to enjoy a complete makeover if you desired.


 8. Gambling

 Most lottery winners continue to buy tickets for their entire lives, and for good reason considering some people win twice! Gambling is one of the most luxurious ways to spend money because it demonstrates living so extravagantly that you aren’t afraid to lose it all.


Spend Big or Go Home

Did this list inspire you to go buy a lottery ticket? Money might not buy you love, but it can certainly pay for a lot of luxurious things! These eight items barely scratch the surface of what millions of dollars can buy on the market, with money many unbelievable things are possible.