TikTok fans who are short on time to clean and tidy their homes are in luck. TikTokers have been sharing cleaning tips and hacks on the platform, from getting stains out of carpets to dusting ceiling fans with pillowcases.

Home cleaning and maintenance services company Fantastic Services analysed TikTok data and discovered the platform’s ten most popular cleaning hacks.

By following the viral #CleanTok tag users will find a flurry of videos sharing tips and tricks for keeping a clean house. #CleanTok is the most used cleaning TikTok hashtag in 2021, with more than 20 billion views.

One CleanTok video alone gained a massive 33.1 million engagements alone, so let’s check out which cleaning tips people loved the most.


The most popular TikTok cleaning hacks

At the top of the list of most popular TikTok cleaning videos was one that showed users how to get tough, sticky stains out of the carpet. The video was posted by user @carpetcleanlng.com, a self-described ‘professional carpet cleaning gal’. In the video, we saw them smear caramel onto a clean carpet, then clean the mess up using only water, paper towels and soap.

This cleaning trick has gained a whopping 28.8 million views on TikTok, and an impressive 4.3 million likes. If you have a luxurious carpet in your living room, then it’s good to know there’s a simple hack out there in case sticky sweets end up on the floor.

As well as keeping floors, bathrooms and kitchens clean, TikTok creators revealed their tips on keeping our tech sparkling and hygienic. The second most popular cleaning video on TikTok (with 15.6 million views) showed viewers three hacks: one was how to keep Airpods clean using Q-tips, Blu-tack, Antiseptic, a toothpick, and paper towel. Earbuds and headphones are notorious for getting grimy and, given how hyper-aware people are about germs, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not surprising that this video got so much attention.

The video, posted by @cleanthatup also showed viewers that they don’t have to go out and buy new dusters to keep their house clean, they can dust ceiling fans with an old pillowcase. Not only that, they can spruce up their hairbrushes using items everyone has in their bathroom, like shampoo and toothpicks. With 19.3 million engagements, viewers were clearly impressed by these three easy hacks.

The third most popular CleanTok video was New York City-based user @lovetoclean_myhouse’s video on cleaning sink drains. As drains can get quite grimy, TikTokers were eager to see how to clean them using detergent pods. The video hit 13.6 million views and over 19.8 million engagements, including views, likes, and comments.

User @homewithchloex’s tip on toilet cleaning using ‘pink foamy products’ featured an aesthetic type of cleaning common in TikTok videos. By filling up their toilet bowl with the foamy products and scrubbing it, the TikTok user left their toiler sparkling clean. The satisfying video attracted 13.4 million views, almost as many as @lovetoclean_myhouse’s video on cleaning sink drains.

The next two most popular videos on the list shift focus away from cleaning the house to deodourising your car and getting your Airforce 1’s looking brand new.

@brightly.eco’s video on how to get rid of car odours showed viewers that white wine vinegar gives prompt results. According to the video, leaving a cup of white wine vinegar in your car for a while will make foul odours fade. With over 13.1 million engagements, this is the fifth most popular video on cleaning TikTok. It attracted 646,2000 likes, about double as many likes as the toilet cleaning video (which received 374,300 likes but more total engagements).

The sixth most popular CleanTok video showed viewers how to clean Air Force 1’s. It revealed that using ‘The Pink Stuff’ cleaning product can restore shoes to brand-new condition. As this hack applies to any shoes prone to getting dirty, user @frenchcleaner.asmr’s cleaning hack racked up many likes (1.7 million) from TikTokers happy to find a solution.

Moving back into the category of house cleaning hacks, the seventh most popular video in this list showed how to deep clean mattresses. User @cleanwithsash’s video received 10.3 million engagements for showing a simple hack using carpet stain remover, baking soda, a hoover, and fabric freshener. They left the mattress looking brand new by rubbing out any stains with these products and freshening it with fabric freshener. Although the video received 1.1 million likes in total, it was only viewed 9.5 million times.

Next up, who would’ve thought burnt pots could be cleaned with baking soda? @judithcollinz adapted the famous baking soda and vinegar drain cleaning hack in her TokTok video which received over 10.2 million engagements. It turns out that the simple trick of adding soap to baking soda and vinegar and letting the mixture boil in a burnt pot leaves your pans looking shiny and new.

Second to last, @mrslaurenelms’s video on laundry stripping has over 8 million engagements. The end results left many TikTokers surprised as she uses seemingly clean towels that turn the water she uses brown. Her laundry stripping technique uses products most people already have at home, Borax, Arm & Hammer, and Tide. She puts everything in a tub filled with water and leaves them in for five hours, stirring occasionally.

In the end, the towels go through a normal wash cycle in the washing machine while the tub is full of dirty water. The laundry stripping technique got a total of 855,600 likes and over 8 million engagements from those looking to learn new cleaning techniques on CleanTok.

Finally, the tenth most popular video on cleaning TikTok shows viewers how to make air fresheners themselves. This video had 6.9 million views, four times fewer than the top-ranking video on carpet stain cleaning.

A spokesperson for Fantastic Services commented on the study:

“It’s interesting to see the trend of cleaning on TikTok gaining so much popularity over the year and how the platform offer’s many different and creative suggestions of cleaning which can be useful towards daily household tasks.”

The data they collected to develop the top ten TikTok cleaning hacks is closely related to the top ten cleaning hashtags in 2021. Using these hashtags, Fantastic Services have found that there were 60,620,400,000 views on cleaning videos that featured cleaning hashtags on this side of TikTok.

Top Ten TikTok cleaning hacks

TikTok Hacks



Total engagements

How to clean tough stains from carpets




Dusting your ceiling fan with a pillowcase




Clean your drains with clothing detergent 




Toilet Cleaning using ‘pink foamy’ products 




How to get rid of car odours by using white wine vinegar 




How to make your Air Force 1’s look brand new again by using ‘The Pink Stuff’ 




Mattress Deep Cleaning




Clean burnt pots with baking soda




Laundry Stripping




DIY Air Freshener 






What are the top three most popular hashtags on cleaning TikTok?

Cleaning TikTok’s top hashtags are #CleanTok, #Clean, and #CleaningTikTok.

Videos tagged #CleanTok received 20.7 billion views on TikTok in 2021, 200 million more than the second hashtag in the top, #Clean.

Users who tagged their videos with #CleaningTikTok received about half as many views as the top two hashtags, 10.3 billion views this year.

TikTok content creators can use multiple hashtags to boost their views and chances of featuring on the ‘For You’ page and go viral. They also increase their chances when using a trending hashtag such as #CleanTok, which is why the most popular hashtags tend to have far more views than others.

Top 10 Cleaning TikTok Hashtags 2021

Cleaning TikTok Hashtags

Total Views























Home cleaning can be quite the task when other responsibilities have a higher priority and household chores pile up. From saving an expensive carpet from stubborn stains to keeping the home smelling lovely, CleanTok has an array of trending cleaning hacks that accumulate up to 33 million engagements per video.

CleanTok’s popularity on the social media platform suggests that people want quick and easy ways to keep their homes and valuables tidy. TikTokers solved this problem as a community. By sharing quick and efficient cleaning hacks that don’t rob people of their precious time, they helped CleanTok videos trend on TikTok.