Two women in 1920s falpper dresses holding a glass of fizzy wine each

Planning a party is excellent, but nothing beats the thrill that comes with setting up a themed party, especially a Great Gatsby party. The fun is picking out the costumes, the shiny bright lights, and colors, the fancy food and studded jewelry, the make-believe  Roaring twenties setting, or the Age of Jazz as it is popularly known all come together to create a great ambiance.

This Great Gatsby party is inspired mainly by the book of F. Scot Fitzgerald, who effortlessly captures the exhilaration of the Jazz age as described in the essay on The Great Gatsby you should read. The ideas for throwing such a party should stem from a place of genuine interest, and it is important to have guests that will be just as excited to attend. It could be a birthday party, dinner, fundraising gala, wedding party, bridal shower, or even a corporate gathering. To throw successful Gatsby-inspired parties, here are a few hints that can guide you to “Old Sport,” as Gatsby would say, as you plan.


Finding the right venue

Finding a venue or location is significant when organizing. The forum will determine whether or not you’ll be able to capture the essence of these parties. It would be best if you are looking for a venue with a 20’s feel or one that can quickly adapt to the time you need.

It could easily be a hotel, ballroom or a lovely house with a fancy hall with high ceilings and decorative chandeliers. This is so you can quickly achieve an exotic look and feel as well as elegance. You will also require decor with geometric prints, gold colors, metallic and mirrored pieces.

Although things such as a gold backdrop mirror and a focal piece sound like you would have to break the bank to achieve a 20s era venue, there are thrift stores where you can find available selections for your use or even a rental store for an affordable rate.


Setting the mood

There’s nothing minimalist about a great 1920s party because of the bright lights and iridescent colors. You can select colors like black, gold, and silver colors with lots of glitter and sheen to set the mood. Leather materials, feathers, and gold balloons should be visible; these feed into the era’s aesthetics, thus setting the tone. You can have a welcome sign written in gold and props such as a yellow car from the 1920s.

Everything about the atmosphere for a Gatsby party decor should scream 1920. This could be you glamming up the chairs with pearls, having wine bottles with feather centerpieces, with lace ribbons and faux pearls, having enough crystals and glass; as well as white roses on the dessert table to add elegance to the setting, decanters to serve drinks and wine and lastly serve Champagne. Having a Champagne tower on a sturdy board made with champagne glasses won’t be a bad idea if you want to go all out.


Dress code

Dressing up for a party theme is where the excitement is heightened because this is where you fully take on the personality and style of one who lives in the historical period called the Jazz Age. The dresses for women or dames and broads as they were called are usually elegant, with sequined designs, sleeveless, mostly knee to ankle length, and are generally loose on the body. They’d typically be adorned with beads, and fringes, while accessorized with boas, pearl necklaces, diamond-studded headbands, tiaras, and gold bangles.

For the fellas or cats(men), they are expected to wear a tailored black suit with a tailcoat, or it could be pinstripes, plaid, or pastels. A bowtie helps put everything in place perfectly but to sum it all, a fedora, top hats, and newsboy caps complete the look. If a man is to go hatless, his hair should be laid in a sleek manner like was done in the times.


Music and sound

The age of Jazz was when Jazz was mainstream music. So, when making a music selection, put this into consideration. You want your party ideas to feel authentic. Have a long jazz playlist or live band to play or make jazzy music your guests can dance or groove to. Some of the artists you can play include Duke Ellington, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong from back in the day.

Another source of inspiration for music is playing soundtracks from the film. This features singers such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Andre 3000.


Invitation cards

Invitation cards for a Gatsby theme party as such are a big deal and should be creative and made with gold touches. With social media, you may want to create a rave for your party with your card on the eve. This is the effect of social media on identity, as many will want to share even without attending. It doesn’t matter if the cards will be sent virtually or delivered to guests in person; what matters is the essence and details of your event coming through in the cards being sent out.

You can choose many card styles for the card, such as the classy cocktail, the Art deco milestone, Jewel of the East, etc. Some are online and extra easy to customize to fit your preference. You get to determine the font, material, and feel of the card and the messaging. The message should be clear on the theme, date. Venue and if they should RSVP, and if there’s a deadline to RSVP.



Putting all of these in place while hosting will allow you to capture the sophistication and luxury of a 1920s party. It keeps guests happy with Champagne, cigars, cocktails, and appetizers. If you can’t plan it all by yourself, there are party planners you can find who are skilled in throwing your perfect dream Gatsparty. All you need is to tell them what you want and how you want it and leave the rest to them.