Weddings celebrate the love you share with your partner, but sometimes that special connection gets lost in the stress of planning everything. It’s important to remember why you decided to get married in the first place, so consider recreating some of the top unforgettable surprises for your bride or groom.


1. Order Breakfast in Bed

Waking up to hot coffee and a steaming plate of breakfast is always a great way to start your day. Order it for your partner as a surprise if you’re staying at a hotel before your destination wedding ceremony. You can also arrange your order ahead of time so it’s the first thing you experience together on your honeymoon.


2. Write a Love Letter

Pausing to remind each other why you fell in love is a touching way to surprise your bride or groom. Write a letter before your wedding that includes heartfelt reminders and promises, like what you hope for your marriage or why you love them. Your future spouse can keep it in a memory box and reflect on your letter during future anniversaries or when times get tough.


3. Clean Their Car

If your partner adores cars, they’ll love it if you surprise them by cleaning their vehicle. It can also double as your ride home from your wedding if it’s a classic car. If your fiance owns an older model, wash it carefully. Washing it in the shade prevents sunshine from damaging the paint by drying out the soap residue. Handwashing your fiance’s car demonstrates how much you love them and that you support their passions.


4. Schedule an Exciting Date

Take your bride or groom for an exciting date before or after your wedding. Plan something they’d love that you can’t do at home. Throw axes, go ziplining or do something unusually adventurous that’s only available at your honeymoon destination. You’ll make incredible memories and thrill your partner by doing something outside your typical romantic comfort zone.


5. Design a Groom’s Cake

Taste-testing cakes and icing flavors is part of planning your wedding, but many people don’t know about the groom’s cake tradition. It’s a fun way to celebrate your groom during their bachelor party or your wedding reception. Decorate it with their favorite themes, colors or hobbies so it’s the ultimate surprise tailored to their interests.


6. Plan a Private Moment

A private moment may be the most memorable thing you can give your partner. The night before your wedding or during your reception, schedule a few minutes to bask in the moment. Cherish this point in your lives together so it doesn’t fly by. A little reflection will pull your hearts together and start your marriage with more appreciation and


Plan an Unforgettable Surprise for Your Fiancé

Show your love and commitment by planning a few unforgettable surprises for your bride or groom. They’ll love that you thought of them and want to celebrate their presence in your life. Think about what they like to do and what would make them feel special to narrow down the best ideas.