2018 Tourism Awards Logo

For those living the lavish lifestyle, travelling to exotic and luxurious locations is a necessity. With more-and more companies offering the little extras to make their luxury services more comprehensive, the competition to be the best has surged. Luxury travel has started to outpace the rest of the travel industry, due to a hierarchy of luxury travel needs, ranging from 5-star quality and service standards to exclusive VIP privacy and security. The 2018 Tourism Awards has been designed to reward those succeeding within one of the world’s most extravagant industries. Our awards showcase the best of the best for those who provide a unique, enjoyable, and luxury home away from home. Those firms that truly go above and beyond for their clients are who we award. As with all our awards, the 2018 Tourism Awards are purely based upon merit. To ensure this, our in-house research team went in-depth, to find the industry firms and leaders most deserving of our acknowledgements for their outstanding performances within the sector. Winners of this award can rest assured that they truly deserve the award bestowed upon them.

Winners Announced! Please See Below for Supplement and Full List of Winners!