As you create your packing list, don’t forget to include items for your pet. At the very least, you’ll need bowls, food, blankets, bedding, toys, a leash, a pet carrier, and prescription meds. If your dog or cat suffers from anxiety, you might also consider packing something like CBD pet products to help calm their nerves.

While most pet owners remember the basics, they often forget to prepare for emergencies. When packing for your pet, make sure that you have a first aid kit, medical records, health insurance, vet contact information, medication list, and the names and locations of a few qualified veterinarians in your travel destination.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Select a hotel or resort that offers pet-friendly accommodations when deciding where you’d like to stay for your luxury vacation. While each establishment will vary, look for places that have perks like dog parks (or communal areas where pets are allowed), grooming, and sitting services. While you may have to pay extra for these services, it ensures that your fur baby’s experience is enjoyable.

Make Time For Your Pets

Are you planning a family vacation that includes your pets? While the idea of taking your fur baby on a grand escape seems like a wonderful experience, things can go south fast if you’ve failed to prepare. Much like traveling with small children, your pets have many specialized needs you must ensure you’ve taken care of to provide maximum comfort and safety. If this is your first time taking your dog or cat on a trip, these tips can help ensure everyone has a fantastic experience.

To Travel or Not To Travel

The first consideration is whether or not traveling with your pet is a good idea. Although it seems ideal in theory, not all pets have the temperament to travel outside their comfort zone. For instance, if your dog or cat has health conditions like Arthritis or anxiety, which require a lot of attention and care, you may want to consider having someone pet sit and leave your fur baby at home.

Keep It Simple

If your pet has never travelled long distances, keeping your vacation plans simple is essential. For example, flying might be involved for your pet’s temperament and needs, making a road trip the ideal alternative. Similarly, if your pet is territorial or anxious in different environments, you may want to opt for a low-key pet-friendly hotel over a popular resort. Lastly, since it’s your first time, you may want to consider planning a short trip before traveling for long periods.

Visit The Vet

Before your scheduled trip, plan a visit to the vet to have your pet evaluated. You want to ensure that your vacation plans won’t compromise your pet’s health and wellness. Visiting the vet is also ideal for getting updated vaccinations and prescription refills. You may also want to consider services like a microchip, just in case, your fur baby gets lost.

Pack For Your Pets

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in enjoying yourself on vacation that you forget to factor in quality time with your pets. Unfortunately, leaving your dog or cat locked up in a hotel room for too long can cause various problems. From destroying hotel property and soiling the floors to separation anxiety and boredom, leaving your pet alone for hours isn’t ideal. As you map out your itinerary, remember to pencil in pet-friendly activities. You should also schedule pit stops to your hotel throughout the day to take care of tasks like feedings, walks, and TLC.

Your pets are part of the family. It’s only natural that you’d want them to participate in fun experiences like vacations. Be that as it may, pet owners are encouraged to properly plan and prepare to ensure their fur babies’ needs are met. Once you’ve determined whether your pet has the temperament to travel, use the above tips to ensure they’re ready for the exciting adventure ahead.