Twice Brewed is an Inn based in the heart of Hadrian’s Wall Country, which has recently opened purpose-built state of the art eco brewery designed to create rich, flavourful brews that do the region proud.

The creation of a brewery at the Twice Brewed Inn was always destined to be – with those involved having a clear vision to re-establish the tradition of brewing ales locally; the area’s history giving rise to the area’s name in the first place.

The legend of Twice Brewed tells the tale of Roman Soldiers reaching the frontier and complaining to their superiors that the local beer was far too weak for them. Therefore, the beer was ordered to be brewed again, resulting in a stronger heartier tipple. This went on for quite some time, and certainly developed a reputation for the area, being the home of a champion’s brew- hence the name Twice Brewed was born.

Beers offered include the rich and flavourful Twice Brewed Best Bitter, an English-style session bitter. Deep copper in colour, with a rich fruity aroma, there are hints of tangerine and blackcurrant are balanced by a rich, malty sweetness. It has a strong taste and a richness that goes well with meat dishes and hearty English fare.

There is also the hilariously named Ale Caesar, a delicious American amber ale which combines toasted malt and toffee flavours with a spiced warmth and citrus notes. A highly drinkable and richly flavoured red ale, it has the perfect balance between sweet and savoury notes to create a drink ideal for almost any occasion.

Keen to do their local heritage justice, Twice Brewed Brewhouse will cater for all beer lovers’ tastes, with a diverse range of real ales available from light session pale ales, to hoppy IPAs; delicious amber nectars and traditional English Best Bitters to Saisons, Porters and Stouts.

They are also aiming, that in the longer term they will be able to offer a range of seasonally available speciality beers, and welcome suggestions from locals and visitors for new additions to the range.