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We only have a few weeks left before summer comes. Have you planned your vacation with your family yet?

This coming season is probably a special one for most of us as after weeks (or months) of quarantine last year, it’s the first time we’re going to enjoy basking in the sun again. But with so many family destinations out there, it can be quite hard to choose where to go.

Going out on vacation after restrictions have eased seems like a new feeling for most of us. Hence, choosing a destination for a family vacation can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re also feeling a bit flooded with options, here are some luxury resort types you need to consider that are worth every penny.



Recreation resorts, as their name suggests, offer facilities and activities for fun and relaxation. This kind of resort has two types. One focuses on health and the other on sports.


Health-Focused Recreation Resorts

This kind of recreation resort focuses on helping both your mind and body relax and recover. Thus, all of its facilities are made to bring you tranquility and help you to recuperate. Some like White River Recovery will help the mind to relieve stress and fight against potential addictions. Others, on the other hand, have spas and massage pools that will help your body loosen up.

There are also health-focused resorts that offer relaxing pools and bodies of water filled with minerals. Others offer guided yoga sessions too. But, no matter which of them you choose, one thing’s for sure, you and your family will surely be able to destress and detoxify, leaving you feeling more energized for the coming days ahead after your vacation.



This type of recreation resort, on the flip side, has bigger and more facilities that focus on sports. Some of the common amenities that this kind of recreation resort offers are golf courses, long tennis, badminton, swimming, and table tennis.

Usually, a sports-focused resort will have facilities for different sports. However, some only focus on one sport, especially golf.



This kind of luxury resort, as its name suggests, offers nearly everything. Thus, you will never have to go out for other activities.

Aside from well-equipped rooms, complete with a strong internet connection, to sleep in with your family, you also have multiple large pools, playground, and gym facilities. Sometimes, your booking is already inclusive of classes, such as yoga and water aerobics.

Apart from that, you also won’t have to worry about what you and your family are going to eat as your meals and drinks are also included in what you’ve paid for. Most all-inclusive resorts even offer several in-house restaurants to choose from. Thus, you won’t need to leave the resort only to find a place to eat.

On top of that, you can enjoy facilities just like recreation resorts have. The best part of it is that they have both sports and health-focused amenities.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about the activities. All-inclusive resorts also offer different fun activities that will suit every member of the family.

If your chosen resort, for instance, is near the beach, expect to enjoy water activities with your family. If your resort is located near historic landmarks, historic tours are likely included in your booking. Depending on the resort’s location, they will surely have enough activities waiting that are related to its location.



Unlike all-inclusive resorts, destination resorts are only built around their location’s central feature that mainly draws the attention of vacationers. Bali and Maldives, for example, are known for their crystal clear waters that make tourists attracted. Thus, luxury resorts located in these areas are focused on what the location can offer to its tourists.

Some resorts also offer day trips, such as hiking, skiing, or island hopping, which is great for families who are seeking more adventure. Basically, this kind of resort usually focuses more on showing you the natural beauty of its location. This allows you and your family to get closer to nature more and enjoy the outdoors.

However, this kind of resort often receives tons of tourists. Thus, you need to carefully plan the schedule of your trip if you want to avoid other vacationers.

Greece resort

Theme Park

These days, 3 to 4-star theme park resorts are becoming more popular for the masses. But, there are still luxury theme parks that you can enjoy.

Here, you’ll not only enjoy fully-equipped rooms but the younger (and young at heart) members of your family can also get to enjoy giant water slides and fun water facilities, as well as great-racing rides. Some theme park resorts even offer jaw-dropping fireworks displays and over-the-top stage performances to entertain everyone in the family.

Of course, this type of resort has its in-house restaurant too. Some even have several restaurants to offer too. However, unlike in an all-inclusive resort, you have an option whether you should include your meals and drinks in your booking or not.



If you want a place to visit where the younger members of your family will also learn something, a historic resort is one of the best places to be. As its name suggests, this kind of resort usually focuses on the history of the building or where it stands.

This can range from converted castles, plantations, or even the nearby historic site, such as temples and even tombs. Here, you and your family can bond over enrichment activities or day trips to historic sites nearby.

Probably the most fun part is that resorts like this are themed based on the site’s history, celebrating its past, which can give guests a glimpse of what happened and how life was during its glory days.

Do note, though, that not all resorts of this type have 5-star quality. Sometimes, because of aging, sites like this become tourist traps. Thus, make sure to do your research about the place first.

The light at the end of this tunnel of pandemic is definitely worth celebrating with your family. So, why not plan your luxury vacation today?