Father's Day gifts

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s yet again that time of year when people have to start running through their bank of ideas, presents, and events that will live up to every dad’s expectations.

Whether your Dad is an adrenaline junkie with a taste for rollercoasters, an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping or someone who would rather spend quality time closer to home, there are a variety of options that allow you to create the perfect Father’s Day.

A little planning could go a long way, so we’ve created a list of a few activities that could help create lasting memories and contribute to a successful, meaningful present.

Round of Golf

Often depicted as the biggest ‘Dad’ sport in the world, a round of golf is not only an incredible experience for those new to the sport but a fantastic opportunity to give players of all skill levels a chance to try something new. Whether it’s a new country club and resort experience, or a Father’s Day event, golf clubs up and down the country offer the chance to experience a fantastic day out.

Not only does this offer a chance to introduce your Dad to a new sport, but also gives you the chance to do something alongside them. One of the best aspects of the sport is also the ability to be outside and in a picturesque setting – this option is one of the best if you’re looking to take away the materialistic factor of a present and replace it with a memorable experience.

Finish a DIY Task

Dads are busy people, and constantly being on the go means those important tasks around the house that need some love and attention often get lost in the mayhem of ever day life.

Some may argue that Father’s Day is an occasion where you kick your feet up, relax, and do as little as possible. However, in typical Dad-style something always needs to be done, so where there’s a wonky shelf that needs fixing, or a household appliance that needs more than one set of hands to sort the problem – offering some help with those tricky little tasks not only give you a chance to bond, but also allows you to provide something that money can’t buy.

Go Fishing

A perfect experience if you’re looking to treat your Dad to an outdoor activity. Not only can this be an enjoyable, exciting experience, but it allows the whole family to get back to nature and develop a new skill.

This also offers a budget-friendly option, with some areas allowing free fishing and no need to book. Equipment can also be hired if this is the first time trying the activity, but if that’s the option you go for, make sure to keep any frustration in check if catching fish proves to be a struggle.

Go to a theme park

Perhaps one of the best options for those thrill-seeking Fathers who thrive off an adrenaline boost. Theme parks offer a fantastic getaway experience where you can truly get lost in a place and come away having tried new and exhilarating things.

With a variety of theme parks across the country including Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Legoland, each have their degree of thrill and activities for the family, allowing it to be a fun family experience for both Father’s Day.

If a theme park is the choice for you, but maybe you live a fair distance away, most resorts have hotels and accommodation attached to the park, allowing families the chance to celebrate and enjoy attractions without the worry of a long and tiring drive home.

Fire up the Barbecue

A trait associated with most dads is their ability to cook a great barbecue. Often gifted aprons and t-shirts donned with ‘master of the grill or ‘GrillFather’, but why not put it to the test.

Firing up the grill and having a filling, tasty meal where the food seems to never end could be the activity you’re looking for if you opt to stay at home.

Knowing most dads, they’ll undoubtedly want to take charge, but regardless of who cooks, having a meal with the family and enjoying conversation over freshly cooked food can create memories that are just as good as any expensive activity.

Decorate a Cake

Sticking with the theme of food, not many things cap off a celebration like a cake. Although you would typically reserve a cake for birthdays, giving your Dad the chance to decorate his own Father’s Day cake could be a stroke of genius if you’re unsure what to do for the special day.

A group activity involving a cake usually ends up making a mess, but more importantly it offers a fun chance to bond as a family… and maybe start a bit of a food fight.

If you would instead rather take on the task of decorating the cake yourself, why not add a bit of flair and colour to the stereotypical ‘Best Dad Ever’ message that appears on most gifts and make the cake its own event by adding balloons and confetti to really highlight the extra effort put into the gift.

Regardless of the activity, Father’s Day offer a fantastic chance to make memories and spoil your Dad with the attention and gifts they deserve. So, whether you opt for a quiet family event at home, or decide a round of golf and the thrill of a theme park is the preference – or even choose an activity that isn’t included in this list – there are plenty of choices to mark the occasion.