Key Caribe

Unlocking the Caribbean

Opening the door for you to explore the Caribbean, Key Caribe offers its customers a deeply personal service that has only one purpose – ensuring that you have the best holiday possible.

For the staff of Key Caribe, it’s all about the experience. No matter what you want to do, no matter where you want to do it, they want you to have an authentic Caribbean experience. They are more than aware that each island has its own unique features and characteristics – in fact, they probably know more than most – but all share the golden thread that weaves its way through the region of a relaxed vibe and pure luxury. It doesn’t matter if you’d like a spa day or a first-class chef making a local delicacy before your eyes, Key Caribe can accommodate your needs. Offering a range of villas and hotels on most islands in the area, there’s something to suit all tastes and requirements.

The adventure begins on their website, with interactive features and videos to showcase the best of what an island has to offer. Once booked, the guest experience app provides provide them with the booking information, guest services, information on check in procedure and what to do on the island. Of course, to truly get the best experience out of the Caribbean, Key Caribe offer a concierge service to organise anything you need. Whether it’s transport from the airport, ensuring that your golf tee-off time is booked, or making sure that you’ve stocked up on those culinary essentials, they are there to ensure that you are able to do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it. They know everything about the island, getting knowledge from locals to ensure it is accurate and interesting. Not just offering the tourist trappings, Key Caribe suggests areas that are off the beaten track, but all the more enjoyable because of it. For Key Caribe, it’s all about getting to know you, and what you want. They plan to make a connection that is authentic and allow you to receive an authentic experience in turn.

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Originally only Manager Mitchell Poleon and his wife Carmela, the company has expanded significantly in the last few years. Once specialising only on the Island of Curacao, now this very island acts as their headquarters. The long-term aim is to have the facilities to have accommodation on every island in the Caribbean. This has meant the expansion of the team, with an eye to delivering the very best support to clients.

Weekly meetings with staff mean that everybody operate on the same page. Everyone can feedback what is happening in other areas. As a company with big aspirations, it’s important that the staff also aim high in every respect. Each member of Key Caribe knows each island like the back of their hand. They have a sense of what is fun, how to talk to people and how to serve these people well. It’s the heart of Key Caribe, and by the end of a holiday, it means that your concierge is not merely a staff member, but a friend. This service is something extra that Key Caribe can offer in a way that Airbnb and can’t.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see why people would keep coming back to Key Caribe. Nowhere else offers such an inclusive look at the Caribbean with such panache and charm and personal attention to detail. It truly is the best way to experience the Caribbean, with all the stress and strain placed into capable hands so all that is left is to, simply, enjoy.