With more than 11 years’ experience creating awardwinning furniture, Urbann Products is a Canadian manufacturer that designs and offers modern and timeless products for business, institutions, and customers. We profile the firm to learn more.

Founded in 2008, Urbann creates unique, contemporary products that express its dedication to the pursuit of style, simplicity and environmental responsibility. Today the firm has a global reach and a vast variety of clients who value its focus on quality and innovative solutions. 

Thanks to their streamlined shapes that express both elegance and functionality, the firm’s products are able to redefine the notion of a work environment and living space in a pragmatic and creative manner. The range includes lecterns, tables and podiums, all of which are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard to ensure both quality and functionality for clients. Optional accessories are also available so that clients can enhance their product and ensure that it meets their exact needs.

Urbann K2 lectern front Natural 2016

None of these solutions would be possible without an expert team, and as such over the years Urbann has worked tirelessly to attract and retain the most innovative and dedicated staff from across the furniture market. The team are all completely focused on providing clients with the solutions they want which are of exceptional quality and completely revolutionary.

As part of its focus on quality, Urbann constantly strives for innovation and excellence through cutting-edge ideas, top-tier standards and designs with international flare and distinction.

The firm draws on the expertise of its team, including co-Founder Louis Desrosiers, who is an industrial designer, chartered professional member of the Association of Canadia

Urbann K6 lectern front

Industrial Designers. Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design with master studies in Design and Arts. He is supported by co-Founder Julie Boucher, an industrial designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Design and a Master’s degree in Arts. Together they work alongside clients to provide with the expert support they need.

Overall, Urbann’s vision is to provide supreme quality items that re-define spirituality, timelessness and discrete luxury, while celebrating pure form and functionality. This will remain the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future.

Company: Urbann Contact: Louis Desrosiers Website: https://www.urbann.ca/