Kitchen Appliances

Do you want your kitchen appliances to last longer? You probably do. Kitchen appliances are not only expensive, but they are also ‘time-savers’ that enable you to prepare and cook meals much faster and more efficiently than you ever would manually. We don’t want anything to happen to them, and we certainly don’t want them to break down after a few months of use, which is why it’s important to give them the care and attention they need to keep them in perfect working order. Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to make your appliances last longer.


1. Read the Instruction Manuals Thoroughly

Even though most of us try to avoid this step, reading the instructions manual is one of the most important things you should do before trying your new appliance out. They are there for a reason and that is to keep you, the user, safe. Not only will they give you a good idea of how to use your appliances correctly, but they will also contain information on how to maintain them properly so that you can improve their longevity. With a bit of good housekeeping, you should be able to keep your appliances in tip-top shape for a long time. The average life expectancy of kitchen appliances is between 3 and 5 years, but if you take good care of them, they could last for up to ten years! 


2. Keep the Appliances Dust-Free

You must keep your appliances as dust-free as possible, especially those that have a fan or ventilation element. They need to be able to breathe and if they are clogged up with dirt and dust, they will not be able to get rid of the hot air that is produced while cooking. This could cause them to overheat which will, in turn, damage any internal wiring and components. It is advisable to clean the vents of your oven at least once a month, while the rest of the appliance only needs cleaning when it is necessary.


3. Use the Recommended Accessories

Every appliance comes with different requirements and specifications. For example, your juicer will work at its optimum level if you use the correct juicer attachments, while your sandwich toaster will cook your bread just right if you place it in the right slot. According to the reviews about juicers, top-rated juicers usually even come with a recipe book containing the best recipes for your specific appliance. It’s a good idea to follow the guidelines as closely as possible.  If you want to make them last longer and keep them in great condition, you must use the recommended pans and accessories. 


4. Use the Right Amount of Pressure

Using the right amount of pressure can make a huge difference to your appliances and their life expectancy. For example, if you are using a mixer to make bread dough, you mustn’t mix the ingredients too vigorously otherwise this can damage the appliance’s motor. It’s important to match the appliance with the job that needs doing, otherwise, you could end up causing a lot of damage which could result in you needing to buy a new one.


5. Don’t Cook On High Heat For Too Long

Turning your hob down to a lower heat will not just help you save energy, but it can also prevent your pans from getting too hot, so they don’t burn any food. If you are cooking something which requires high heat, don’t leave it for too long, as this could be damaging to the appliance and its components. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the food as it cooks, especially if you are using high heat because this can sometimes cause the food to burn.


6. Keep Blades Sharp

Sharp blades will make chopping, mincing, and grating much easier and more efficient for your appliances. If you don’t, your appliances will struggle and this could lead to them being damaged. It’s also important that you keep the blades clean and free from any dirt or grease. If you don’t, then they will not be able to cut through the food properly and this could cause problems. The way you store your blades can also affect their lifespan.

The above tips should help you make the most of your appliances and keep them in good condition for longer. It’s also important to note that following any manufacturer’s guidelines will always help your appliances last as long as possible. A good way to check if your appliances are in good condition is by getting a home appliance check done. This will highlight any potential issues, and you will be able to get them repaired before they become too severe.