outdoor restaurant seating near beach
  • Portuguese farming, fishing and baking heritage honoured
  • Tinto offers wine and petiscos (small dish) pairings, from across the country
  • Doce celebrates Portugal’s freshest flavours, from breads and pastries to smoothies and super salads
  • New restaurants opened officially on 1st June 2024 and are managed directly by the resort

The Portuguese resort of Vale do Lobo has always been a trendsetter, going right back to the vision of its founder in 1962. The innovation continues to this day, with two new Vale do Lobo-managed restaurants offering a bold celebration of Portuguese cuisine.

The first restaurant – named Tinto (Portuguese for “red wine”) – honours the traditional Portuguese taverns that served drinks and snacks to farmers and fishermen who would stop for a bite after their working day, before heading home for supper. It was a chance to socialise, share trials and triumphs, and enjoy the simple, wholesome flavours of the land and sea, alongside local wines.

Tinto has been designed to appeal to all senses. There is a sensual feel to the restaurant, with its eclectic mix of furniture, from the high tops that deliver a sophisticated tavern vibe to the more intimate tables. The restaurant can seat 120 diners with a choice of indoor and outdoor tables with uninterrupted-ed views of Vale do Lobo’s Praça and the Atlantic Ocean.

The restaurant’s innovative, carefully crafted menu offers a selection of 40 ‘petiscos’ (small dishes). These tasting dishes draw flavours from traditional taverns in the North of Portugal, the rich farmlands of the country’s Central area and the Southern Algarve region. Diners can order any number of dishes to taste, each of which comes with its own story and heritage. Servers can share the regional origins of the dishes with diners, creating a truly immersive flavour experience.

Some of the regional delicacies showcased at Tinto include cuttlefish strips with a lemon and garlic mayonnaise, roasted lamb in wine, a light and fresh octopus’ salad and a rich oven-baked rice with smoked sausage.

Pairings with local wines take the experience to the next level. As diners enter the restaurant, one entire wall is stocked with an impressive display of wines, all of them Portuguese. Guests are treated to a complimentary welcome drink of sparkling wine as they settle down to order. They can then order the majority of wines by the glass, enjoying the perfect pairings for their various petiscos.

Children are welcome at Tinto, with a special menu available for younger diners keen to discover Portugal’s culinary delights. The restaurant is open from 12am to 11pm daily.

Vale do Lobo’s second new restaurant, which also opened on 1st June, is Doce (Portuguese for “sweet”). Like Tinto, it showcases the regional flavours of Portugal, with an emphasis on the very freshest breads, pastries, healthy salads, natural juices, smoothies and more, along with an outstanding selection of coffees from around the globe.

Doce celebrates regional Portuguese flavours, with exquisite pastries, a wide selection of juices and smoothies, salads created from the freshest of local ingredients and a special Portuguese take on afternoon tea. The salmon, rocket and cream cheese puff pastry is the lightest of delights, while the pear and chickpea bulgur salad is outstanding. For a major vitamin boost, smoothies include the Morning Energy, the Mighty Green and the boldly coloured Beet & Blend.

The restaurant also serves a wide variety of types of bread, all of them baked in-house and available for delivery to Vale do Lobo property owners, residents, and guests.

Paired with the dishes are coffees made with beans from a selection of global locations and a wide selection of tea infusions and blends. Jamaican Blue is available for coffee lovers with a taste for the finer beans in life and for those with a sense of adventure, Doce will also serve kopi luwak, also known as civet coffee. Regional tea offerings include the Mystic Infusion, featuring pennyroyal, olive tree and grapevine, and the Midsummer Infusion, with flavours of oregano, chamomile, bay and walnut tree.

Open from 8am to sunset, Doce welcomes family members of all ages to enjoy its exceptional range of Portuguese pastries, healthy salads, natural juices, breads and more, along with some of the finest coffees from around the world and outstanding tea blends.

“We have put Portuguese DNA at the heart of our culinary offering with these innovative new dining experiences, managed directly by Vale do Lobo and that deliver the essence of Portugal on a plate. It’s not just about the flavours – it’s the scents and the feelings that echo centuries of farming, fishing and baking.

“At Tinto, diners can delight in a different experience every time. It is a true celebration of the incredible, authentic flavours and traditions of Portugal. Whether you’ve just finished work, enjoyed a day of active leisure, or simply relaxed in the sun, it’s time for Tinto. It is an inspired piece of Portuguese heritage here in Vale do Lobo.”

“At Doce, we show another side of Portuguese heritage – light bites and sweet treats that are packed with fresh local flavours. There’s something to tantalise every taste bud. We are pushing the envelope and delivering something phenomenal at Doce – this will be THE place to drop in for a coffee and a pastry in the Algarve.”

Eduardo Johnston da Silva, Managing Director, Vale do Lobo

VALE DO LOBO RESORT Vale do Lobo is the Algarve’s original lifestyle resort, established in 1962. Spread over 450 hectares of landscaped grounds and home to around 1,500 properties, Vale do Lobo is a unique community of homeowners, holidaymakers, golfers, and gourmands. The resort boasts two kilometres of uninterrupted beachfront, two championship 18-hole golf courses, tennis and padel courts, a spa and well-ness centre, luxury shops and services, a fitness centre and 16 restaurants, bars and cafes. The resort offers a range of properties and land plots to rent and buy.

For more information, visit www.valedolobo.com.