gifts to avoid

Valentine’s day is almost here, so whether you’re in relationship, treating your Galentine or buying something thoughtful for your mum, you might be planning what gifts to buy them. Valentine’s Day is a tradition that has been around for years with the aim being to express your love to your significant other. You might not be a fan of this holiday and choose to ignore it altogether, but we sometimes accept gifts even when we don’t want it.

To ensure that you don’t purchase the wrong item this year, a holder of the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, high-end independent corporate gifting specialists, Veritas Gifts have rounded up the 7 things to avoid when trying to put a smile on someone’s face during this romantic holiday season.

1) Celebrity Fragrances

celebrity fragrance

If you are opting to buy a perfume steer clear of any from celebrities. You might think it is a good idea if they are a big Lady Gaga to buy her perfume, but chances are they have already tried the perfume or found it didn’t stick around long. If you wish to buy a scent, then opt for a designer brand such as Chanel or Michael Kors and try and see what their perfume taste is like first, scents can have big differences such as floral or aromatic so ensure you know this before you purchase.

2) Household Appliances

household appliances

Don’t consider buying your partner a household appliance unless they have specifically asked for it, even then it might be best to be saved for another occasion. If you have to buy a household appliance ensure that it is used for them instead of you, nothing worse than using the present yourself moments after gifting it.

3) Budget Chocolate


Buying chocolate on Valentine’s day is a good option of course but there is actually some rules about where you purchase it from. The staple favourites such as Lindt and Cadburys are great since they do Valentine specials with their packaging donning heart and bright colours but don’t opt for supermarket own brands as this will come across cheap and tacky. If you really want to go the extra mile choose to personalise the chocolate at shops such as Thornton’s.

4) Novelty Jewellery

novelty jewellery

Heart pendants and charm bracelets might have been a suitable present when you were younger but if you are choosing to buy jewellery it should be something that can be worn and kept for a long time which suits their tastes. The shops are filled with seasonal Valentine’s gifts which are specific to the day but try not to fall in the trap of buying a ring with a big red heart on or a slogan necklaces which professes your love, chances are it will get hidden away after February.

5) Last Minute Flowers

bad flowers

Flowers are a great gift, but not if they’ve been picked last minute from the shop. To truly show how much you care through flowers you should ensure you have their favourite flowers and that the bouquet is of excellent quality. Last minute flowers always look that way as the shops are filled with people who have left it till late, meaning there won’t be near as much choice left in comparison to if you purchased in advance and they won’t have a long life.

6) Unwanted Trinkets


It can be easy to get carried away when you’re shopping for presents, the shops are filled full of seasonal trinkets but just how useful are they? There are many gifts that say how much you mean to each other such as his and her mugs and teddy bears, but these items end up cluttering your house and is ultimately a waste of money. The recipient which much rather something they can put to good use.

7) Gym Membership

gym membership

Some people might be shocked that this is even on the list, but it has been a Valentine’s gift in the past. Whilst this might be given with good intentions it can easily be taken with offence. If your receipt has been complaining about their diet taking a break after January don’t take this as an excuse to purchase a gym membership but instead offer cooking dinner which is healthy so you can both enjoy it and endure the new lifestyle together.

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