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Washing Machines – The Understated Hero of Home Appliances

Whether or not we want to admit it, most of us would be lost without a washing machine. Sure, we might use it as an excuse to buy more clothes (who doesn’t love a good shopping spree?), but the reality is that washing machines are a staple of any domestic household. After appliance manufacturer Beko announced their top twenty laundry hacks for getting the most out of your washing machine, LUXlife decided to highlight just a few.

1. Why Is My Washing Machine Full Of Water?

Do you often find yourself opening the washing machine, only to be swamped in an excess of undrained water? Well, query no longer, for there is a simple explanation and equally simple solution. Chances are, this lack of drainage is caused by blockage in the waste pipes. Simply turn off and unplug the washing machine, before pulling it out and inspecting the waste pipe for any kinks and bends. If you can’t see any blockages, remove the pipe entirely and push a long stick or narrow object through the pipe to try and remove it.

2. Why Is My Washing Machine Moving Around?

If your machine is bouncing around more than a professional samba dancer on Saturday night Strictly, then there are a number of ways to help fix this problem. Firstly, check that the machine itself is on level ground. Uneven floors and spin cycles often make for moving machines, which can cause lasting damage. Also, overloading the washing machine can cause an imbalance, and it will continue to thunder throughout the house. For reference, your whole hand should fit comfortably inside the top of the drum to ensure it isn’t overloaded!

3. What Is That Awful Smell?

If a washing machine hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then build ups of softener, detergent and dirt can combine to make some truly pungent stenches. However, they can be cleaned remarkably simply. Add some anti-limescale powder to the detergent drawer and run a cycle without any washing in the machine, and hey presto! You’ve got a cleaner washing machine that doesn’t smell like the clothes that went in it in the first place! You can also leave the door open to allow fresh air in, wipe down the seal after each wash, and clean out the detergent drawer on a weekly basis to ensure minimal smell.

4. How Often Should I Wash Things?

Whilst clothes are the main visitor to the washing machine, do you really know how often certain items should be washed? Classic items such as shirts, underwear, and socks should be washed after each wear. Yes, even for guys. For the ladies, bras can be left a little longer than other items. Excessive washing can weaken the elastic, so they can be washed after three or four wears. Bedding should be done weekly, to minimise the risk of nasty bacteria snuggling in your sleeping spot. A Beko survey found that 59% of people wash their jeans every week, when in fact they don’t need to be washed any more than once every six months!

5. Small Washing Tips

Washing machine tips

Do you spend hours scouring the Internet for those little life hacks that will radically change even the most mundane of tasks? Then search no longer, and enjoy our little compilation of small tips to help with any washing experience.

  • End the curse of lost socks and tights by washing them in an old pillowcase to stop them snagging and getting washed away at the end of a cycle.
  • If you need to wash clothes made of fluffy fabrics, freeze them first. It can help reduce piling.
  • A little white vinegar rubbed into sweat stains on a shirt before it goes in the machine can work wonders.
  • Turning denim inside out can prevent garments from fading, and reduces the chance of dye staining other items in the same wash load.
  • Bought a vibrant new top and putting it in for its first wash? Dampen a small area of it and press a white tissue or clean cloth on it. If colour transfers, it would be wise to wash it separately from the other clothes.

And there you have it, some top tips for making the most out of the humble washing machine, courtesy of LUXlife. To view the full list of Beko’s top laundry hacks, visit their website: https://www.beko.co.uk/lifestyle/laundry-hacks

Infographic Credit: Beko