Private jets come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are better than others, due to the fact they’re more spacious, comfortable, or include more high-end features and luxury services. There’s a diverse range of private jets to hop aboard, but only some will get the job done in a truly satisfying style.

However, private jets are becoming more accessible across the board, meaning more people are becoming passengers of what was once an exclusive experience. Consequently, it’s important to work out which private jet planes are the best of their ilk!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what different types of private jets are out there that are available for us today.  

Gulfstream G500
Most people love private jets for both their speed and style. The desire of going where you want, where you want, is something these luxury aircrafts always strive to profit from. Consequently, it’s worth stating that the Gulfstream G500 get’s this job done with ease and flare.

High-speed internet is featured here that outpaces all the competitors, all while making long distance journeys in a non-stop fashion. This means there’s no lag and no breaks, granting all passengers a smooth and comfortable experience with minimised possibilities of setbacks or delays. If you’re desperate for the sensation of disappearing one place and appearing in another in record times, the Gulfstream G500 is for you.

Embraer Manhattan
The Embraer Manhattan makes the best of the style that private jets can offer. Here you’ll find rich mahogany wood panels built into the aircraft, lending a poignant air of old school outfitting that’s blended into the top of the line aircraft. On top of this are brass and gold finishing’s dotted throughout, adding other chic nuances.

If what’s on the surface doesn’t matter that much to you, then perhaps luxury lounges, famous bars and 1920s era themed dining areas will change your mind and tide you over. There’s a lot to devour and experience in the Embraer Manhattan private jet. If nothing else, it’ll keep you busy and entertained no matter how long your flight.

Global 5000
Quality private jet charters will show off their aircraft range in all their glory. For example, companies like VistaJet list their Global 5000 aircraft, and all the qualities that come with it. They’ve highlighted comfort and speed as all being key attributes of their private jet experience, but of course, everyone expects such things from a private jet.

However, it’s the details that resonate most. The plane can feature up to 13 passengers, and also accommodate up to 7 sleeping positions for each of them. There’s also 454kg baggage capacity, meaning everyone can get their items onboard comfortably. In the end, this is the private jet for the customers who like to feel thoroughly well looked after.