We’ve all been there. You need to buy a gift for someone but you have no idea what to buy. The person could be wealthy, or maybe they are just difficult to buy for. Whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday, an anniversary, or another significant event, the impulse to buy something meaningful is significant. When you are close with someone or want to be closer with them, the gift you buy can represent that and symbolise the future of the relationship. When you have no idea what to buy the person who has everything, below are some great gift ideas.

Tickets to an Event

One great gift that the person might not have already is an experience. Instead of buying an item for the person, give them the gift of experience. Do they like music? Theater? The opera? Whatever the person’s style, there is surely a pair of tickets that will make them happy. Of course, you should make sure that they didn’t already buy tickets to the event. You should also try to get them some good seats. It’s not much of a gift if the person would have bought better seats themselves. Depending on the occasion, buying someone you love tickets to an event can be a very good idea.

Write Down Your Feelings

There is no gift better than the way you feel about them. For example, when you want to give people something special but have no good options for purchasing material things, simply buy nice greeting cards, write down how you feel, and include a gift of money or a useful gift card. Giving someone your feelings is meaningful and special. If you don’t always share how you feel, it could be an extra special occasion. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give someone something special.

Cook Them a Five Star Meal

Instead of taking the person to a restaurant you can’t afford, spend some decent money on great ingredients and cook for them. When you cook for someone, it comes from the heart. You can share how you feel about them without talking. Cook them something they love. Class it up with a bottle of wine and a nice dessert. You can light some candles if you are romantically involved and play some jazz. You don’t need to be rich to cook and  eat well. Next time you want to do something nice for someone, you should take the time and make the effort to cook for them. When you need some inspiration, you can find it in all kinds of places.

Bespoke Items

Another great idea for people who have everything is to create something bespoke. If you go for something completely unique and tailored to the individual, you will be able to satisfy even the person who has everything. One cool way to specialise a gift is to get it engraved or embroidered. It doesn’t have to be a fancy item like a Rolex.

Instead, you can get them a 
unique notebook that has their name engraved into it. You can show the person that you understand them and what they like. If they like to write, a notebook or a nice pen with their name on it is a great idea. Do they like bespoke clothing? What about some robes with their initials? It’s posh but fun when someone else buys it for you. When you spend the time determining the best way to make the person feel special, you will likely succeed.

There are plenty of ways to make the person you are buying feel appreciated. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. When someone has everything already, material gifts mean less and less to them. They may not be bewildered by luxury anymore, but if you put thought and effort into your gift, you will have a great way to show your care for the person.

Great gifts aren’t about the money you spend on them. They are about the thought you spend and the time you put in. When you’re buying for a person who has it all, you should focus on what makes them who they are. That way, you can cater the gift-buying process to them and their personality.