Wedding Rings

Perhaps the most recognizable symbols of an engagement or wedding are the rings that will be chosen to represent the couple’s union. There is a wide variety of bridal sets available to choose from, making the decision more complicated for some couples, but choosing a bridal set doesn’t have to be hard. Here is some general information about bridal sets and how to choose the right rings for your special day.


What is a Bridal Set?

“Bridal set” is the phrase used when referring to the bride’s engagement ring and the bride’s wedding ring when they are worn together. A bride typically wears the engagement ring alone until the wedding day, when the wedding ring is added to the finger during the ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride will wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring as a set.

Some people alternatively refer to the bridal set as the “wedding set,” but this can be confusing. A wedding set can also refer to the matching set of wedding bands chosen by the couple. When speaking with a jeweler, a bridal set is typically used to reference the engagement ring and the bride’s wedding band to avoid any misunderstandings.


What is the Difference Between the Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, and Bridal set?

The engagement ring is the ring given before the wedding historically as a promise to wed. Traditional engagement rings usually feature a large diamond or other gems as the focal point and may have smaller diamonds or other gems as accents on gold, white gold, or platinum band. However, over the years, non-traditional engagement rings have risen in popularity, so today’s engagement rings can look like anything.

The wedding ring refers to the rings the couple exchange during the wedding ceremony that will be worn as a symbol of their commitment to each other. The wedding ring is typically a simple band of gold, white gold, or platinum. The couple typically chooses bands that match so when they are worn by both, they appear to be a set.

The bridal set is the bride’s engagement ring and the bride’s wedding ring worn together. The wedding ring is worn farther down on the third finger of the left hand to be closest to the heart and the engagement ring is worn on top. Because they are intended to be worn together as a set, the engagement ring and the wedding ring are typically made of the same metal and have the same general design.


When Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is typically given as part of the marriage proposal and is worn from the date of the proposal through the rest of the marriage. The wedding ring is worn from the time it is given during the wedding ceremony throughout the rest of the marriage. After the ceremony, the engagement and wedding rings are generally worn together as sets. However, as weddings have become less traditional, some brides have chosen to wear just their wedding band while some others have chosen to see their engagement ring as standing for both rings.


Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?

Whether or not to wear the engagement ring on the wedding day is a personal choice and many people believe that there is no wrong answer in this case. Brides that choose to wear their engagement ring on their wedding day may wear it on their right hand during the ceremony since the wedding ring is supposed to be worn farther down on the ring finger. They then move the engagement ring to their left hand after the ceremony.

Some brides choose to leave off their engagement ring on their wedding day so they do not have to worry about it during the ceremony. In these cases, either the wedding ring is worn alone or the engagement ring is placed on top of the wedding ring before the wedding reception.


As weddings have become less focused on tradition and more focused on the personalities and personal preferences of the couple being married, the meaning of bridal sets has changed a bit, but still generally refers to the set of rings the bride wears after getting married. The look of the rings is not as important as what they mean – that you and your partner are committed to each other and are proud to show the world your commitment. Anything that can be a symbol of your partnership and uniqueness will never go out of style.