Exploration is a fun part of visiting foreign and unique locations. At a point, discovery becomes aimless wandering, and nobody likes to feel lost in an unfamiliar environment. It’s a blessing that technology has made it possible never to experience it again. We no longer need to learn how to get around in a foreign country despite language hurdles or inadequate guidance.

  • It would help if you had a smartphone, a data SIM card (such as from a Lifetime or GoFi plan), a trustworthy WiFi hotspot, and a navigation app for iPhone to get practically anywhere in the world. However, not all mapping services are created equal for foreign vacationers.Here are the top 3 navigation apps for travel directions that you might want to use:



Waze provides detailed instructions for all navigation apps, emphasizing finding the optimal route while minimizing encounters with obstacles like traffic, potholes, and law enforcement. The fastest way is mapped out, and any delays, such as traffic, accidents, or stopped vehicles, are highlighted.

  • It provides real-time traffic-related information to choose an alternate route, such as road closures, police activity, construction, and other traffic-related events.
  • The maps are updated frequently by community editors to keep things current.
  • Users can share current gas prices.
  • Facebook integration feature that allows your location to be broadcast in your timeline.
  • By enabling you to choose the fastest path based on traffic circumstances, it can help you save time.
  • The software learns to know you better the more you use it, learning your go-to routes and locations and the times you commute.
  • Roadwork and other hindrance icons might clog the map and block your vision.
  • Social features can become annoying if you receive many notifications with audio notifications.
  • The app’s continual updating of new data can quickly deplete the phone’s battery.


Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the default navigation application on iPhones and all other Apple products. It is straightforward, allowing you to travel from A to B without difficulty. Apple Maps provides step-by-step directions with ideas for local places to stop, regardless of whether you are walking or taking public transportation. This application is exclusive to iPhones and mobile devices by default.

  • Offers features like voice navigation and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Based on traffic, location, time of day, and schedule, it reveals the quickest route to take to reach your anticipated destinations.
  • For instructions, a 3D map view incorporates buildings.
  • Based on the amount of traffic and your intended destination, it directs you to the appropriate lane.
  • It provides a Flyover function so you can experience your location virtually.
  • Your destination’s weather and air quality are displayed on the map.
  • Some users claim that the exit directions and business information are incorrect.
  • Compared to other apps, the points of interest on the maps can be sparse.
  • There is no ability to utilize maps offline.
  • The Look Around street view capability is only available in 5 nations and does not have photographs of every location in the US.Maps.



With MAPS.ME’s offline navigation features. You never have to worry about paying for extra data to get directions (and the accompanying higher phone bills). The maps provide highlighted points of interest and directions for individuals who would rather drive, walk, or ride their bikes to get there. A powerful bookmarking system allows users to store and discuss their favourite locations.

  • Several valuable options include a follow-me mode, voice guidance, and traffic reports.
  • Complete usability even without an internet connection; features like searching, navigation and local business discovery are all included.
  • You can inform your online friends of your current location.
  • This app’s reduced battery consumption directly results from its offline mode.
  • There is a lack of regular maintenance for the map’s collection of businesses.
  • Users have complained that recent changes have slowed map loading times, made the interface more complicated, and made the maps harder to see.