Can you imagine yourself going out without wearing mascara?

The application of mascara is regarded as a essential point of makeup, it emphazies our eyes framing them to look bigger, deeper and more beautiful.

Statistics state that almost every woman applies mascara every day.

We all have at least one Mascara, more likely two!

How do you want your lashes to look?






All of the above?


What is it that makes the difference?

Firstly it look at the wand

✳️ Want a mascara with a volumizing effect? Then choose one with a dense bristled brush

✴️ For lash separation and definition choose a mascara with rubber bristled wand. Get one with alternate short and long bristles to ensure it sdefines even the shortest tiniest lashes.

✳️ A curved wand is great to enhance curl and lengthen the lashes

✴️ The hourglass-shaped wand creates a tiny reservoir for the product for heavier coverage of the lashes.

✳️ Smaller rubber wands that are less densely bristled are best for short / sparce lashes

It’s not just about the wand it also depends on the formula of the mascara and the method of application.


How to apply your mascara 

The best application is achieved by zig zagging your wand from lash root to lash tip to ensure every lash separated and defined. 

Then rolling the wand from root to tip of lashes for lengthening.

To ensure you can clearly see your lashes from root to tip look down into your mirror and stick your chin put this gives you a clear view of the full length of you top lashes.

To coat your bottom lashes without getting it on your cheeks hold your mirror above your head (keep the mirror parallel to the ceiling) and apply mascara to your lower lashes.

Beware… if you do have fine lines, coating your lower lashes in mascara can draw attention to your fine lines so if this I’d the case just coat your top lashes.


Do you find your mascara comes off during the day and leaves smudges under your eyes?

It could be your fault.

When you apply your moisturiser and eye cream are you applying the product over the whole eye area and across your eyelashes?

Skincare contains small amounts of oil and oil on your eyelashes will cause the mascara to slide off during the day.

As the eyes are like reservoirs they draw moisture towards them everytime you blink, so only apply your eye care with your ring finger around the edge of the eye socket… feel for the edge of the socket bone under the skin.

Plus you don’t want to get product in your eye as it can and will cause infections and it won’t break down so the small particles will remain and over time make you eyes look puffy.

Don’t drag the skin around eye area as the skin here is up to 10 times more delicate than the rest of the face and its thinner and so will age more easily and develop fine lines.

Its very important to remove your mascara every night for a number or reasons that include…

1) mascara dries out the lashes when left on and can cause lashes to break

2) particles of mascara and flake off into your eyes that can cause infection and can also inbed into your eye which over many years could become very gritty needing surgery to remove and if less and neglected eventuality cause blindness.

Who knew there was so much to take into consideration when buying, using and applying the humble mascara?

I do hope you have gained one or two useful tips from the above and if you’d like more helpful advice and solutions on mascara, other makeup or skincare check out where you’ll find a quarterly Mascara Subscription Box and beauty coaching advice, tutorials, workshops and masterclasses