LUX Home

The meaning of luxury does vary from one person to another. However, when an architect plans a new house, that is meant to be expensive-looking, there are a few elements he will usually turn to. Here is a short list, of the things you will find in most luxurious houses, around the world.


Feeling at Home

Before heading into the details, let’s discuss an important point regrading luxury houses that isn’t physical: The aura. When you walk into such a home, you should feel something that is somewhere between being awed and feeling at home right away. That is a difficult mix, for sure, but that is what great architects and house designers get paid for. Nobody wants to live in a cold house anymore, even though it might look grand and fabulous. This is not what luxury asks for today. There needs to be a sense of respect when entering such a home, but you also need to feel like you want to be there, and stay forever. That is real luxury. Of course, the other elements below will help…


Technology Galore

A luxury house needs to host all the technology that is available today. It starts with the obvious 4K television sets, held through the use of full motion TV wall mounts, to keep them close to the wall and hidden from view when unused and then brought to the perfect position, when needed. And then, it includes everything else that can be handled directly from a smartphone. We are talking about locking the doors, controlling temperature inside various rooms, dimming the lights, observing the house through security cameras… There should not be one technological capacity missing inside luxury houses, otherwise the owner could really have a fit.


Spacious Walk-in Closets

Speaking of fits, you don’t want to be found with an important guest coming to sleep over, without offering them a walk-in closet. Or for the Lady and Man of the house, for that matter. A walk-in closet is the basic element that initiates luxury inside a home. Once you have had one, you cannot live without them anymore. It makes getting dressed easy and fun, as you can actually visualize everything you have. No more dresses that disappear for a couple of years, so that when you finally find them again, they have gone out of style. The more shelves and displays the better, so you can see all the shoes, foulards, purses and neckties that you own, all in one glance.


Not one, but Two Kitchens

For a while, having the indoor kitchen opening-up to the outdoor, through folding doors or a large window, was sufficient. But today, a luxury house usually contains two full kitchens, with one being located outside, near the terrace and the pool. Eating well is one of the most important facets of life for those who can afford such luxury houses. Therefore, they like to enjoy their meal and stay seated at the table for a couple of hours. In summer time, that is best done outside, and to be with the cook of the family, there is no other solution then to have a secondary kitchen built under the sun and stars.


A Wine Cellar, a Large Pantry and a Huge Refrigerator

To continue on the subject of food, no luxury house could possess that title, if it doesn’t have places to store it, in the first place. That is why, you will always find a walk-in pantry, filled with all the necessary cans, spices and condiments you can think of. As well, a filled refrigerator will be the king of the kitchen, and a large freezer will complete it. Finally, you need to have a great bottle, waiting to be opened for any special occasion. That is why the wine cellar is a definite must.


An Outdoor/Indoor Pool

It is one thing to have either of them, but so much better when it connects both. Even if you live in a place where it doesn’t get too cold in winter, having an outdoor pool that continues inside the house, is best. That is because it can still rain or hail outside, making it difficult to do your morning exercise, if part of the pool is not located inside.


A Game Room

Having a theatre room inside the house is something that almost everyone can have these days, but the luxury of a game room is something else. Why? It takes space. If you really want to do things right, you need to start with a pool table and also one for ping pong. To these elements, you could add a Mississippi game and darts. All of this cannot go in to a small room. Especially when you think about the space that the bar will occupy. For there is no respectful game room that does not include its own bar.

To end this article, let’s remind our readers that location is everything, when it comes to luxury. Heading to the center of the city or a small suburban town doesn’t provide the same attraction. Keep that in mind.