Organising a wedding is something that can be done for any type of budget, any size, and for any taste. As a slight downside of these endless possibilities, once the planning process begins, you may feel overwhelmed with a mountain of tasks before you. In this article, we have gathered the most important items on the list you should decide on first.

1) Budget

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a venue that seems like your dream but subsequently discovering that it doesn’t fit within your wedding budget. Defining and planning your budget with your partner is the first step before you begin looking at venues.

Choosing a wedding venue based on your budget is the most important factor. It is essential that you take into account how much you are willing to spend on your entire wedding, as well as how much you would like to spend on the venue in particular.

In some venues, event services might be included as part of the overall price quote, while in others, they are extra. Knowing your limits can help you avoid being disappointed by unexpected costs. But no worries, the budget-friendly possibilities are endless.

From rustic barns to glamorous ballrooms, there is a wedding venue out there for every couple. And finding a wedding venue that’s perfect for you on WeddingHero is half the fun!

2) Weather

As you choose the date for your wedding, one of the most critical factors that you should consider should be the season in which you plan to get married. Spring is full of colourful flowers, winter brings white fluffy snow with it, and fall brings its romantic leaves with it… All four seasons have their own unique beauty, but which one captures your heart the most?

Once you’ve decided which season you wish to get married in, you’ll also eliminate indoors or outdoors options since one of them would be more suitable for the weather. If you want to capture the scenery outside but want to have a winter or fall celebration, you may consider options like tent weddings where you can avoid cold and rain but still have nature surrounding you.

3) Guest Size

Another item on the list must be the amount of guests you will invite. When you imagine your ceremony, who do you see with you? Is it only friends and family, or do you have more fun with a larger crowd? You should have an approximate number of how many people you will invite to your wedding before you choose your venue. It might be difficult to accommodate more guests than you can fit in a venue that is too small for your guest list, or vice versa.

Some venues are only suitable for an intimate celebration, whereas others will only be efficient when a crowded amount of people are able to fill them. If you decide on the guest number before you visit venues, you’ll experience less stress and headache later on.

4) Style

Rustic, elegant, eco-friendly, fairytale… Wedding types are as diverse as you can imagine. You should make sure your wedding tells the story of your love story as well as reflects your personality. A cohesive aesthetic and feel can be achieved by considering how everything works together, from your venue to your decorations and menu selections.

Choosing a theme will simplify your search for a venue since you’ll be narrowing your options. You’ll feel more connected to the venue when you choose a venue that matches your theme. Apart from common themes, you could go for a theme that is unique to you and your partner and design the details all by your imagination!

5) Location

Would a destination wedding be the best choice for you, or would a local ceremony sound more appealing to you? Your location preferences also mostly determine what your dream venue will look like.

Picking a dreamy beach as a wedding venue might be someone’s dream, while others might be more interested in a luxury hotel or a place in the heart of nature. What matters the most is where you see yourself making your wedding vows, where you want to live that memorable day.

What is your preference when it comes to the location of the ceremony and reception? Is it the same location or different venues? Having an all-in-one venue makes travel time less of a concern, but you might want a different location for the vows. If that is the case, you should book the ceremony location before you choose a reception venue, as it may be more difficult to book a ceremony location than a reception venue.

Following the right path can make wedding planning stress-free and easy. As we’ve put our emphasis on, you should put a priority on budget, weather, guest size, style, and location, among many other things you need on your wedding day. Don’t forget to have fun!