Research by aesthetic pattern resource provider Design Bundles has found that tie-dye is by far the most popular vintage craft, with nearly 900,000 more monthly Google searches than second-place macramé.

Tie-dye has also received over 5.9 billion TikTok views – that’s 5.3 billion more than macramé, which has been viewed over 600 million times on the video-sharing app. The research was based on the average number of monthly Google searches certain vintage crafts receive, the number of TikTok views there are for each of the craft’s top two hashtags and how many Instagram hashtags each craft has. These factors were then used to create an index score, revealing the retro crafts that have seen the biggest revivals this year – with tie-dye in first place.

As well as coming first for the number of monthly Google searches and TikTok views, this vintage craft also comes in the top two for Instagram hashtags, with 7.1 million in total. The dying technique may have become known as a symbol of rebellion and freedom from social norms in the 60s and 70s, but it’s grown even more popular in recent years, continuing to trend in 2022 after featuring on the runways of Paris fashion shows.

Macramé ranks second on the list, with the most Instagram hashtags (7.4 million), an average of 84,000 Google searches per month and more than 620 million views across the top two TikTok hashtags. The knotting technique is believed to be of Arabic origin and consists of knotting yarn or thread to produce intricate, lace-like designs with fringe.

In third place is patchwork, with nearly 112 million TikTok views, 3.8 million Instagram hashtags and an average of 73,000 Google searches a month. Patchwork is a technique for sewing together pieces of fabric that are usually geometric in shape. Some of the easiest and most common things to make out of patchwork are quilts and throws.

Following patchwork is weaving – a textile craft where two sets of thread or yarn are interwoven to create a fabric. Weaving comes fourth thanks to the same number of monthly Google searches as patchwork and nearly 200 million TikTok views, but fewer Instagram hashtags (2.5 million).

Fifth is string art, which has a TikTok hashtag view count of 272 million, an average of 80,000 monthly Google searches and 893,000 Instagram hashtags. String art is the craft of using coloured thread and pins on a board to create pictures and patterns.

The paper craft of decoupage comes in sixth place, with 159,000 Google searches in an average month, and 33.1 million views on TikTok, as well as proving to be Instagram-worthy, with 1.8 million hashtags on the photo-sharing social networking site.

Granny squares take seventh place for having 15,000 monthly Google searches, 33.1 million TikTok views and 917,000 hashtags on Instagram. Granny squares are a staple crochet pattern that is used to create aesthetically-pleasing designs.

In eighth place are Shrinky Dinks. On average, they receive 51,000 Google searches monthly, 73,200 Instagram hashtags and more than 175 million TikTok views. Shrinky Dinks are toys consisting of sheets of polystyrene with printed designs on them. They shrink when heated and can be used to create things like jewellery and keychains.

Ninth place goes to needlepoint, as according to the research, the embroidery technique is searched for an average of 33,000 times a month, it’s accumulated almost 15 million TikTok views and it has 564,000 hashtags on Instagram.

Lastly, hooked rugs make it into the top ten for having more than 310 million views on TikTok, 10,000 monthly Google searches, on average, and 14,700 hashtags on Instagram.As the name suggests, hooked rugs are made by using a hook to loop yarn through a stiff base fabric, creating patterns and designs in the finished product.


What are the most popular retro crafts?

The full results of Design Bundles’ research are as follows:

Rank Craft Average number of monthly Google searches (index score) Combined TikTok hashtag views (index score) Instagram hashtag count (index score) Combined index score
Tie Dye
971,000 (1)
5,941,000,000 (1)
7,100,000 (2)
84,000 (4)
623,300,000 (2)
7,400,000 (1)
73,000 (2)
111,900,000 (8)
3,800,000 (3)
73,000 (6)
195,500,000 (5)
2,500,000 (4)
String art
80,000 (5)
272,100,000 (4)
893,000 (7)
159,000 (3)
33,100,000 (10)
1,800,000 (5)
Granny squares
15,000 (9)
33,100,000 (11)
917,000 (6)
Shrinky dinks
51,000 (7)
175,100,000 (6)
73,200 (13)
33,000 (8)
14,920,200 (13)
564,000 (8)
Hooked rugs
10,000 (12)
310,300,179 (3)
14,700 (20)

“It is exciting to see these 70s crafts resurge in popularity as they not only have a sense of positive nostalgia for a lot of individuals, but they also encourage skills to be passed along and given a new lease of life,” said a spokesperson for Design Bundles, when asked to comment on the findings.

“This is now even easier with social media, where tutorials are readily available for those looking to pick up new crafts at home.”


Learn more about these vintage crafts

The retro crafts listed above may be in the top ten most popular, but you might not have heard of them all. We’ve explained what some of the lesser well-known ones are below.

String art

As already mentioned, string art is where you use coloured thread and pins to create intricate designs that can turn a plank of wood into a work of art.

Also known as pin-and-thread art, this retro craft dates back to the 19th century when mathematician Mary Everest Boole came up with it as a way of introducing children to mathematical ideas.

In the 1960s, it came back as a decorative craft in the form of kits and books and, as the research shows, is just as popular today.


Decoupage is a decoration technique consisting of cutting and glueing tissue or paper onto various surfaces – such as wood or metal – before coating everything in layers of varnish.

Most things around the house can be decoupaged, meaning it’s a great way to breathe new life into furniture that’s tired and worn.

You can also use decoupage on objects to make beautiful Christmas decorations or presents.

Granny squares

When you think of crochet, it’s likely you’ll be thinking of the granny square pattern, which is one of the most iconic motifs in the vintage craft’s history.

As well as being used to make blankets and bunting, granny squares can be used to create crocheted bags, hats, scarfs and gloves too.

Shrinky dinks

They may be intended as toys for children to use, but Shrinky Dinks are activity kits too.

With the correct type of plastic and by using the right tools, you can use Shrinky Dinks to craft things like rings, bracelets, necklaces and name tags for pets.