Summer is leaving us, and work is taking over, once again. That means it is time to prepare our next holidays, so that we can fully recuperate from upcoming months of hard labour. For winter holidays, there are no better places in the world than the French Alps. And if you are looking for elegance and luxury, then you have to rent a chalet in Megève, a town featuring the finest restaurants and some of the most exclusive boutiques.

Reason 1: Renting a Luxury Chalet in Megève places You in the Middle of the Best Ski Resorts

Megève is the place to be in the French Alps. That in itself says a lot about the place, since the whole region is known for quality skiing and guarantee of a good time. That is because Megève is the most elegant of them all. It is known as a luxury location, thanks to starred restaurants, high-end boutiques and a general sensation of well-being. No wonder, since its ski resort was created by the Rothschild Baroness. That is the town that awaits you, when you rent a Fée Pour Vous Luxury Properties.

Megève is located right at the heart of the Mont Blanc Evasion Domain, which offers over 445 kilometers of ski slopes, including 35 green, 53 blue, 71 red and 24 black. In other words, skiing for the whole family. And to cater to all these, you will find 88 ski lifts, so that you never have to wait too long. You can watch the beauty of this natural site from the plateau of Mont d’Arbois, which provides an exceptional view.

But Megève is also home to a casino, as well as many bars and clubs to entertain visitors during their stay. It is also known to host the best spas and well-being centers, in the region. In winter, people can go ice skating or even learn how to play curling, while in summer, swimming pools make everyone happy, while keeping them fresh. That is what Megève brings to everyone that lands there for a vacation.

Reason 2: Renting a Luxury Chalet in Megève means having All You Need at Home

To live in luxury, while on holidays, is a completely different experience. One that will enable you to lose your grip on the day to day reality of life and will let you relax, away from the normal elements of life that may cause you anxiety. To arrive at this level of peacefulness, you need to rent a luxury chalet that has it all, and that is what you will find in Megève at Fée Pour Vous. First, this property management holds over 40 chalets, so that you can choose the one that best fit your needs. They can hold up to 24 persons at a time. It makes it the perfect place to host your friends or family members. You can be sure that they will remember this trip forever, as they will be treated royally.

It all starts with the accommodation in itself. Inside these rented luxury chalets, you will find all that you need to live in comfort, and more. Most of them have their own pool (inside or outside). Those that don’t hold a Jacuzzi, where you and those you love can relax. You can decide to enter into it before or after the sauna or the steam bath. When everyone has taken a shower, they will head to the dining room, where they will be served lunch or dinner, prepared by the French chef that comes with the rental of the chalet. They will discover some of the best meals they have ever had anywhere in the world, since French cuisine is known for its complexity and wonderful taste.

When the evening comes around, it will be time to head to the game room, for a moment of entertainment. Those that prefer to sit back and watch a movie, can do so in the cinema room. There they can be served with popcorn, chips and refreshing cool drinks. When it is time to go to bed, guests will head to their own room, which all come with its own private bathroom. This way, everyone can enjoy their privacy and intimacy.

Reason 3: Renting a Luxury Chalet in Megève means never having to worry about Anything

This might be the most important aspect of renting a luxury chalet in Megève, France. When you get there, you will be received by a butler, who will take over, so that you don’t have to handle anything during your holidays. He will be in charge of the house, managing all the day to day and answering to your every need. As we previously mentioned, the house also hosts a French chef, who will prepare all the meals. Finally, a chauffeur will be at your disposal, to go to restaurants, clubs, boutiques or anywhere else you wish to go to.