2 Scoops Of Pretty

Most Inspirational Skincare Advisory Blog 2020
At 2 Scoops of Pretty, I focus on teaching how to make your own organic skincare and Halal makeup. Then, I combine this with a touch of Spiritual Energy. Because Beauty and Energy complement each other so well, you will experience beauty advise that no other Beauty Bloggers talk about! You can put on the most beautiful makeup but if no one looks at you, nobody will notice that you're beautiful! So, come on over to my blog and learn how to make your own organic cosmetics, attain inner beauty and boost the beauty that you already have!” You can use this image as my logo: https://i2.wp.com/2scoopsofpretty.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Logo-5.png?w=500 This my blog link: www.2scoopsofpretty.com