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Best Aromatherapy Products Provider - UK
Scented Beeswax Chandler of the Year - UK
At Adornment Therapy we strive to make products and cosmetics purely beneficial for the mind, body and soul. We specialise in aromatherapy, bespoke and M.I.Y (Make It Yourself) products, suitable for all ages and skin types. Our products are made with only natural ingredients (organic and fair trade whenever possible). Our mantra, 'cherish the divinity within you', emphasizes how important it is to consider what we inhale and apply to our skin as it does get into the body's circulatory system; which impacts on our wellbeing. Adornment Therapy's founder has been a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) since 2012. https://adornment-therapy.com https://twitter.com/AdornmentT https://Instagram.com/adornmenttherapy/ https://facebook.com/AdornmentT Email: info@adornment-therapy.com